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    All issues solve themselves in time.

    Either that, or the player learns how to solve them and enjoy the game.

    You should've been here when we complained about how we don't sell anything.

    Most people end up leaving because of that.

    Those that stayed understood how the system works.

    If you're here to have fun, time and patience are key. No need to rush and stress it.

    If you're here to get in top 10 best players, you're on the wrong server.

    well that is nice thinking and all but some of us dont use buffers ;) and as far as teleporting to buffer in dungeons you cant so.......yeah....... anyways didnt assume it would happen .... thats why its called a suggestion i guess.....

    Aww, sorry to hear that, guess I didn't know the full situation, hehe.

    How about White Flags? Those could be used.

    Or some instant healing pots paired with DEF earrings/liquid when you revive. Those instant pots + increased DEF should keep you alive until you're back to full HP.

    Oh and ... buffers are amazing, you should use them :D.

    I mean...

    There are pure PvP servers that somehow made everyone having the same starting EQ exciting. So, maybe the thing to refresh this community is not a downscale of their effort, but a different gameplay.

    Keep the normal PvP just as it is - the most time spent playing wins the game.

    But... also add events that give people basic EQ, limit the DMG a skill can do and so on - basically a PvP war/arena where everybody is scaled to the same level and everyone can have fun.

    I mean, it's all in good fun, right?

    Well, wrong, even with this idea and its potential successful implementation, old players will still complain that "somehow" it's not fair for them.

    I personally wouldn't mind joining an arena with some basic lvl 1 +9 items and basic skills if it meant 30 minutes of PvP fun instead of 30 minutes spent as a corpse in NW. But if this happens, then the ones that do PvP now will come complaining that no one does normal PvP with them, and the tables will turn, more or less.

    I'd say enjoy the PvM gameplay cause it's quite solid here. Enjoy it, have fun, make money, get rich, you know, all that stuff - it's what keeps me here, 'cause I have no plans of experiencing even more toxicity from the "top players" here.

    tl;dr I wouldn't mind some sort of mod or special gameplay event that focuses more on fun PvP and less on items/stats/time played.

    Hi, there are a couple of things that you can do:

    1. Keep your buffer nearby and TP to them when you revive. You can even TP with your buffer to your dead body and lure the mobs away.

    2. If you spam X > Skill you get a split second when you can pass through units. Usually, while pressing W, X>Aura and then X>Berserk should get you out of the circle of mobs with no issue.

    Sounds easy.

    But would you do a test and start from scratch right now and see how many weeks/months it takes you to get that EQ? Let's keep in mind that, in order to farm properly for that EQ, you first need to dish around 50-70ish won on a weapon and another 50ish on a sash if you want to farm effectively.

    In the long run, people would rather improve their damage on stones rather than on players.

    we wonder why players make all the time pvm and not pvm+pvp and we want to know what we can do to make you do pvp. you dont have to be a perfect char to take your role in pvp. it's easy to make a normal pvp char to join some fights and enjoy the pvp. if many guys join like that, the wars will be much better with too many people and everybody will enjoy it.

    Last thing I want is getting 2-shot from some high-end 10-year old character, to be honest - and then have a bunch of people insult me in PM.

    That doesn't usually happen in other MMOs. Even as a fresh max-level in WoW and with a "bit" of game knowledge and mechanics, you can still kill a couple of people and gain some points. I don't even want to mention ESO where PvM prepares you for PvP in the best way possible and there's only skill you have to gain afterwards.

    edit: I mean yes, all those that PvP want more action on the scene, but at the same time they are severely unwelcoming towards newbies and, to top it of, don't back off either. I've rarely seen full alchi people holding back when fighting someone they know as a noob. Even if I have lvl 1 armor and sword, they'll still equip pushes, turn on DSS, bring out their 1v1 class eq... that's not fun.

    It's a 15ish year old game.

    There's no learning curve nor skill involved in PvP (for the most part)(take this with a grain of salt).

    The difference between casual gameplay and hardcore gameplay is huge - and that's a severe understatement. Take games like ESO and WoW which cannot be ever compared to metin2 - almost any type of approach there ends up in casual PvP. But can you have casual PvP in metin2? My opinion as PvM player is that you can't.

    A couple of things could be done to make PvP more appealing, bust most of them would imply downsizing on the time hardcore players spent on this game. Forbid Alchemy in some PvP events? Sure, can be done - but those that spent 800+ won on a piece would complain, and they have all the right to do so.

    You just can't, imo, do some changes and make PvP casual, regardless of server age. The main reason is that there are/were little to no limitations when it comes to farming. MMOs have daily things that you can do and all that, and slowly minimize the things you can do and get throughout the day (weekly and monthly point caps, for example). Metin2 has no limitations. If you can farm 20 hours a day, you'll do it and every hour will reward you just the same. You can't possibly ask why a casual, 2h/day player would refuse to engage in even small-scale/casual PvP with someone who spends 20h a day farming.

    my 2 cents.

    edit: basically, you play either for fun, to kill some time remembering of childhood or straight out murder this game for around a year, get good at it, then return to it every couple of months or so to farm a bit to make sure you're still on top. Kinda hard to have something in-between.


    You took a chance when you opened them.

    You could've sold them and buy whatever permanent costume you wanted.

    It's your fault for trusting the RNG too much.

    Compare to Moonlight Treasure Boxes. You can open tens of stacks and, at the end, you get barely 20-30 Changers. Sounds fair, imo, else the costumes would be worthless.

    If the supply stays the same but the number of required SS decreases, the demand will also increase - meaning that SS will sell faster and might even increase in price a little.

    But what stops people from going even lower in terms of price, especially when they know that stuff will sell fast and that supply is just the same?

    I think the decrease in the required number will just make people farm their own, which will eventually ruin the SS/Rarity prices.

    And if you lower the supply/droprate, that's just scaling down and nothing will change.

    But hey, I'm not an economist so take this opinion with a big fat grain of salt.









    All in all, nice suggestions! It's nice seeing some around here that still care about providing their opinion, even though usually these kind of threads are either ignored or added to an invisible agenda.

    I don't think that the great majority of modern gamers even bother checking the forums to be honest - and the amount of activity around here stands as proof for that.

    Moreover, there's really no point in arguing against what I said as it was a personal in-game experience. You either consider or ignore it.

    And speaking of proper announcements like in any other MMORPGs, the patcher still shows up the image for the Vein Spawn.

    Literally the only thing that you could do to ensure coverage of such events and prevent confusion is update that image when the time comes. Usually, 1-2 days after an event ends, its specific picture shows up on the patcher - is that how it should work? I'm not asking you to spam the chat with lines of text that nobody reads anyway - just... update one image.

    Another one is just spawning more soul crystal veins since let's be real that's what most people go there to mine

    Or remove the spawn of Soul Crystal entirely.

    A lot of other ores are profitable, true not as profitable as SC, but it's presence really dumbs down this event. Without SC, at least there's the incentive to mine at least 3-4 other ores, Diamond, HT, Pearl, and a few other.

    The lack of in-game notices for such events is worrisome.

    If someone doesn't use Discord and doesn't check the Forums regularly, they'll end up like me, wondering what the hell is that Euro 2021 item people keep linking in chat and if it's one of those troll things again.

    Say what you want, bring any arguments you want, but a brand new player trying the server will feel completely left out by things like this (and the fact that, usually, other players don't reply seriously in chat doesn't help).

    Nevertheless, nice event, neat rewards!

    i dont think the metin/boss part is a good idea and ill explain why. In a way, yes it will be easier to figure out the respawn time, but you forgot one aspect of this problem. Some people literally camp these bosses 24/24, for someone who is new to the game or maybe not that good geared for pvp it will be way harder to find any boss (i.e Captain Yonghan). Im telling this from my own experience, because the only way to gather keys for the aqua dragon for me is to be one of the first players that figures out the respawn time of this boss after a maintenance, or to farm at very late hours but thats a hardcore way to do things. Just a thought.


    However, the issue wasn't figuring out when did bosses spawn. Those who wanted to know, could easily find out - either by themselves or by snooping around. This meant that lazy people who had no interest in bosses could just skip this information as well.

    Now that everyone knows exactly when they spawn, gaining interest for a boss is as easy as looking at the in-game clock.

    This is a double-edged sword.

    Newbies have it faster knowing when this/that boss spawns and only need to spend time making scrolls.

    Dart will have an easier time cycling through every single boss on every CH and KSing everybody.

    Speaking of that, I was expecting like 2-3 seconds until CH change (always) and not instant. Certainly the important players won't complain about this in relation to the boss respawn time, but those people that still need to switch EQ when doing them will.

    I propose the ban for disrupting an event to be increased. Yes, even on the first time it happens I find it more than deserved the consequence to be one week ban, not a one day ban.

    Or, an easier and more frustrating (for the offender) solution - simply ban them from the next X events of that type, in this case mining event.

    If they're inconsiderate enough to disrupt it, then they surely won't mind to be IP-blocked for the next 10 weeks of Vein Spawn, right?

    completely wrong. metin is a pvp game, you can even pvp at lv35 for a metin stone but you can also leave it and search another one. i used to fight for hours for the big v3 room or lemures spot, i could choose to leave it and farm at a smaller spot but it doesnt sound like 'playing metin' to me.

    i mean thanks for sharing your opinion anyway but better dont speak for other people who are ready to do anything for more pvp or the newcomers who enjoys fighting with other players even for a map2 stone.

    Yes, as if the main post was referring to using pushes at lvl 35.

    Ask whatever newbie you find, they'll tell they're here because they're bored and will leave in a month or two anyway. No one will tell you they wanna play until they reach the level of those people that play here since the server opened.

    And those that tell you that, they RMT for sure.

    And mind you, let's not compare KSing a metin stone, acting like a douche in v3, or leveling at lemures with Ochao PvP or guild battles or high-level oPVP.

    Any changes will have to be done in the favor of old players, for old players, and most likely suggested by them.

    Casuals play PvM.

    Trihards play PvP.

    No matter the suggested changes, there will always be some really old players that will be against any change that belittles the time they put into the game. This is the major flaw of metin2. Any brand new player doesn't care about PvP. They join only for PvE.

    1st Goal - Item Shop Thief Gloves

    2nd Goal - half-decent items for farming.

    3rd Goal - full Item Shop items (all last 1 month; pet lasts 4 months).

    or have the exp only be given on success.

    I think that removing point gain on Failed Mining would be a huge disadvantage for new players, considering how low the success rate of mining is with a Pick+0 and with points in the Mining Skill.

    If the system has been the same for more than 5 years, I think any changes to it would affect only newbie-ish players - which translates to old players having significant advantage in Vein Spawn events and mining overall.

    After all, we're talking about 1600 points for +1 Pick, while other server that don't offer points on fail have the first level set at around 600 points if I'm not wrong (leaving the 6k required on official out of the talk).

    Edit: my bad, it's actually 600 points; I'm old. In this case, scratch what I said. Points are valid.