Cthulhu is angered

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  • Cthulhu is really mad at me for I've fished too much.
    Nah, I'm just fed up with the lame assistance.

    Yeah, I know, there's better ways to say such things and better places. I didn't plan to be rude, but sometimes it's only natural to explode when you ask for help and you don't get much... and this happened TWICE.

    I reported a bug and I tried to help in any way I could to study it (and so to fix it), but it's not right to ask A PLAYER to delete a character to make a new one or to make a new account, especially if just a moment later the problem is addressed as "internet connection-related". I know it's not either of these, but nothing has been done since I've reported it (and I wasn't the only one to do so).

    The problem is in the character's race (and/or sex), the problem is in the internet connection, the problem is in the gamefiles... whatever the real reason is, I sure have lost my patience here.
    This was by far the best server I've ever been into and I'm glad to have been here, but the bug puts me in a situation where I can't do the only thing I wanted to do in here: to fish, and some people... well...

    "This is not a fishing game, we have other priorities" - I guess I'll follow someone's advice and start looking for a new game.

    Thanks to whoever has been kind to me, I've really enjoyed your company <3

  • I believe you are talking about the advices i gave you.

    First of all if you cannot understand english is better to ask clarifications instead of behaving like an illiterate. Nobody asked you to delete any character, you were asked if the same happens with another class. Your reply was that you do not want to create new characters and level up to 30 and that it is not relevant, because... because nothing you just don't have any knowledge to make this statement. There are differences between a male and a female character, which i don't expect you to know, but neither to deny.

    I told you that since is a situational bug, simply takes more time to be fix.

    Nobody said it is your internet connection either, i simply told you of another situational bug

    [BUG REPORT] Bonus page | Crashes in certain circumstances.

    Which was the result of weak connection. Seriously how can people be so dense and misunderstand to this extent is something that will never stop to amuse me.

    PS: Your report included such a low quality video that is hard to call it help.


    This is how you report a problem, sadly none of the team has it hence is a situational bug and hence it takes more to be fix. Add the fact that yes this is not a fishing game and hence is not a game breaking bug.

    PPS: Your second bug report about timed fished items expiring sooner than 4 hours, was fixed in a matter of days. So your statements are not just unfair but also wrong.

  • Is normal here to said most of times is players problem. When you want to report a bug the answer is always the same: "this never happen before", "you only had this bug" or "you did something wrong". And sometimes it is quite demotivating to hear almost always the same answer