[ANNOUNCEMENT]Regarding Halloween

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  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

  • PalitaGoblin

    when will the light come?

  • SunZu

    Don't install metin on work PC, use teamviewer to do remote control of your home PC :thumbsup:

  • [GA]Shadow

    A few minutes, the time to upload a patch

  • Diury

    how long?

  • penof

    server of?

  • Diury

    any update or what

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server is currently off for bug fixing

  • EmyEmy


  • babapve

    depend on your boss/company, but in most cases its just more than stupid to do that. dont take it personal.

  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    I tried to install metin2 at my work pc, needed amin permission and password xd

  • Destructore

    Guys do you think it’s a violation of security policies installing Metin2 on my work PC?

  • EmyEmy

    Hello Rajesh

  • LozilkSG


  • Destructore

    YES I only have time visiting the forum when server is down

  • EmyEmy

    ty king of shadow

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Nessi

    if he never plans on taking a break from the game a 10 min mail is perfectly fine tho ;)

  • [GA]Shadow

    Won't be long addiction if you use 10 minutes email to register thou

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  • Dear Players,

    we'd like to give you some general information regarding the Halloween Items and NPC.

    The NPC, Jack O' Lantern, will stay in Map1 of each Kingdom untill the 7th of November, after that he will be removed, so make sure to craft all your Halloween Boxes untill then. However, the Death Valley map is empty since the event ended.

    On the Same day, November 7th, we will delete all Trick or Treat boxes that have not been opened, due to complains about bosses on all kinds of maps, especially map1 and low level maps.

    On top of this, we noticed that quite a few of these Halloween Items (for example Costumes, mount skins) have been liked a lot and therefore, we will add them to our normal item mall roster after the end of their Item mall period as event items.

    They will remain in the Item mall untill the 15th of november in their current state, after that they will be changed to match our current item mall items in stats (30 days + same stats) and will join our permanent roster.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

  • On that note, can you make all the old hairstyles which are crap (10vs class) into "normal" changeable hairstyles? Im referring to the ones for 2,9k tec (30d). Ofc the price should also be adjusted.

    Kind regards

  • If ya do change the hairstyles, please leave a few as they are (even if ends up with a few clones so people have both options) some characters don't need the extra bonuses

  • Hello there ,

    When we are on that topic still , I think not only the Pets , Costumes or hats are the only good thing that has to remain into the server. You should actually do something about that amazing Map! I do like the mobs , the Map , all the atmosphere there. Everything has been made so cool , I'd like you to remove some pointless from the one we got already and add this one. Or even try to make another Dongeon/Run that we go there. Its adorable one. Great job! :) Thank you for the event, it was perfectly balanced and satisfied on max!! ^_^

  • Are the Halloween Boxes going to be eliminated too on November 7th?

    No, only the Trick or Treat boxes. This is simply done in order to avoid people continuesly spamming Wubbas all over map1 etc.

    Halloween Suprise Box and Halloween Box are not going to be deleted.