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  • babapve

    depend on your boss/company, but in most cases its just more than stupid to do that. dont take it personal.

  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    I tried to install metin2 at my work pc, needed amin permission and password xd

  • Destructore

    Guys do you think it’s a violation of security policies installing Metin2 on my work PC?

  • EmyEmy

    Hello Rajesh

  • LozilkSG


  • Destructore

    YES I only have time visiting the forum when server is down

  • EmyEmy

    ty king of shadow

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Nessi

    if he never plans on taking a break from the game a 10 min mail is perfectly fine tho ;)

  • [GA]Shadow

    Won't be long addiction if you use 10 minutes email to register thou

  • Destructore

    GJ mate due to your quick reaction I can pursue my addiction again

  • [GA]Shadow

    It will be soon on, the key setting will be disabled for the time being

  • Destructore

    I bet Shadow is very busy with “things” right now :chainsaw:

  • PalitaGoblin

    asking more won't make it open faster xd you will see message from shadow when it's up

  • DonALmo

    not yet they work on that

  • penof

    server on ?

  • DonALmo


  • EmyEmy

    :D :P

  • bombardieru

    definitely a shining joker

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    I tried to make Nemere right now for horse quest.

    5 people, 1 was a sin.

    Result, 50 medals gone, everyone angry and no nemere done xD.
    5 players with more than avg gear and good buffs, everyone poly to kill him and he justs kills everyone, sometimes he cant even be damaged for some reason lol

    EDIT: group avg level was 95.

    Hello everyone.

    My ingame name is HeavenBreakr, and i came here today to ask people about a ideia i had.

    Since the last update, some bosses that make elemental damage, do a bit more damage, than the usual.

    In my case it's the Lord Gahnasel.

    Before update, i was able to do Lord Gahnasel with:

    22.4k hp.

    110% vs devil.

    49% AVG Total.

    46% vs Monster.

    100% Crit.

    35% Pierce

    15% Skill Res - Dragon Bracelet.

    2% Skill Res - Shield.

    8% Skill Res - DSS Legendary Dragon Diamond.

    826 Defence.

    35% Magic Res - Items.

    10% Magic Res - Green Liquid.

    20% Absorbed by HP.

    13% Restore HP.

    Poly Used: Demon Spearman ( The one everyone can craft )

    After update, i started getting one shoted by Lord Gahnasel when he reached critical, with this stats.

    I added to my above mentioned stats: 8% Skll Res (5% from Boots and + 3% that were missing from the Shield).


    8% Dark Res. (ik, its nothing, worth a try :c)

    And now i was able to do it, thing is, i have to spam very hardly the Greater Healing Potion.

    2 keyboard buttons + mouse clicking in the inventory icon of the pot.

    I spent 3.000 potions to make the boss this time, when in the past i only had to press so and so on those potions and was able to do it with around 1.500 potions.

    No joke, after the update, to make the boss my hands hurt from just 1 run xD

    What i want to propose is a New Craft for the Greater Healing Potion, something that gives, IDK, 200, 150 or 120 HP instead of 100. The number is chosen by the Devs of the server, something balanced, but also something that helps with the excessive clicking that is needed now.

    With this, to prevent the item being broken, limit it to PVE only.(no NW) And also make the item with a limit untill level 99 or something that the server Devs think is apropriate, to avoid high level players using it on specific dungeon runs.

    I think it can also be blocked inside dungeons that are chosen by the Devs.

    With this i want to minimize the clicking needed and also to minimize the space needed to carry Greater Healing Potions, currently im using 4 rows just for this pots.

    Sorry for so much text, first time posting a idea in here, wanted to be clear as possible.

    Hope to get some feedback from players and some devs if possible.

    Cheers :beer:

    2. they are the best PvM Chars, when they can use their main Skill (Aura), now that ninjas and mages got the DMG buff, why not make Auras a thing in polly? Ninjas and Mages dont lose their 15 or 20% dmg (idk exactly how much) when they are in polly don't they?
    Not even talking about all the Resistance advantage mages and ninjas have.

    I noticed that my mount was moving fast, but only after i bought the new mount skin " magma dragon ".
    Couldnt rly understand cus it seemed fast, but in numbers there was no change, got confused tho, thanks for the explanation.
    (i had the 300ap black choco. before the skin and that was rly slow after the update, specialy with the slow debuff from the mobs in Red Wood :p )