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  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    I tried to install metin2 at my work pc, needed amin permission and password xd

  • Destructore

    Guys do you think it’s a violation of security policies installing Metin2 on my work PC?

  • EmyEmy

    Hello Rajesh

  • LozilkSG


  • Destructore

    YES I only have time visiting the forum when server is down

  • EmyEmy

    ty king of shadow

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Nessi

    if he never plans on taking a break from the game a 10 min mail is perfectly fine tho ;)

  • [GA]Shadow

    Won't be long addiction if you use 10 minutes email to register thou

  • Destructore

    GJ mate due to your quick reaction I can pursue my addiction again

  • [GA]Shadow

    It will be soon on, the key setting will be disabled for the time being

  • Destructore

    I bet Shadow is very busy with “things” right now :chainsaw:

  • PalitaGoblin

    asking more won't make it open faster xd you will see message from shadow when it's up

  • DonALmo

    not yet they work on that

  • penof

    server on ?

  • DonALmo


  • EmyEmy

    :D :P

  • bombardieru

    definitely a shining joker

  • EmyEmy

    not menace but just a joker xd

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    Hello there ,

    When we are on that topic still , I think not only the Pets , Costumes or hats are the only good thing that has to remain into the server. You should actually do something about that amazing Map! I do like the mobs , the Map , all the atmosphere there. Everything has been made so cool , I'd like you to remove some pointless from the one we got already and add this one. Or even try to make another Dongeon/Run that we go there. Its adorable one. Great job! :) Thank you for the event, it was perfectly balanced and satisfied on max!! ^_^

    1 why ?
    2 pickup filter...
    3 make a screenshot :D

    1. if you farming with mage , or other people participate only for EXP

    2. pickup filter ? did u just shoot or u ment something
    3. I cant fill my pc with ss for nothing , that's helpfull and easier , like I said

    Hello there , I am here to share a couple suggestions and see what you guys thinking about it.

    1. I would really appriciate if we have additional option at Party box with choosing who from party will get items , gold or at all the full drop from Metin , Boss etc.

    2. From recently farming and interested for example from just few stuffs from metins and once I try press and collect the things I need , apperantly the hitbox is so sad, 75% collecting something else before I get what I wanted (I am talking about Metin farming here). I suggest Tec staff , try to add another kind of Pet , nor fighting or any bonus , only collecting one, for Example when you get it , these can be options what you want the Pet to collect (It can be monkey , parrot , squirrel etc (Cute ones :D)). For example , you can go farming nor metins or mobs and looking only for upgrade materials, you losing a lot of time staring at ground to see what actually dropped. Also collecting only items , armor etc. It can be done futureward to collect only Mystics , Titanic or Legendary items only and so and so.

    3. Adding additional option at Shopbox or shop. When you log in and check shop , there is something missing , but it takes time (for people like me , that are with "low capacity" brain) to figure out , what's missing. You can add an option for example top/right corner with Selling history.

    That are only a few things I think it could be really helpfull. Ofc I know it takes time to produce something like that ,but still I find it really now if these changed can be applied. Thank you for ur time. YOLO!

    Best regards , Lykan. C :

    Thanks for update TEC team , but I guess:


    • You can now see the contents of treasure chests by CTRL+Right Click on the chest.

    This one should be a bit changed , at least CTRL+ Left click (once) coz sometimes if the keyboard or maybe forget to press CTRL and all you wanted is just to check what's inside the box , u can mistaken open it (Simply 1 Right click on the box usually opens it) . Then many people will be dissapointed.
    Anw , thanks once again for your work , appriciated! :)