Thanks for 10 Amazing years

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  • Hello, how its going?

    Since some time ago im not playing anymore the game, i tried to back with the new server but is not the same. For this i decided to Leave.

    10 beautiful years have passed since i created my first char. 10 years of comings and goings, anger, satisfaction, complainings and much more. In these years I have met incredible, affectionate and kind people who have helped me to train not only as a player, but also as a person. people with whom I will be grateful all my life.

    I have always tried to do things with all my desire and effort, as well as the treatment towards other players.

    I don't want to extend more, only want to say thanks to the Staff for always be there when i needed, speacially Tary in this last times. Also want to say thanks to Luxuria for being a nice friend not only ingame, and thanks to all the people who helped me or who i helped.

    I don't know if it will be the last time I played, but if that is the case, thank you and sorry for leaving the ship.

    Best Regards, Hiumi.

  • If you still love the game why you leaving:( dont quit you very well know you cannot quit.....