[UPDATE] Infrastructure & Ochao Temple

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  • Dear Players,

    After a long wait, for which we apologize and appreciate your patience, today we have launched one of the most critical, necessary, sensible and substantial update in the whole history of Metin2 SG.

    Even if the content of the update is strictly technical and even if our userbase is not made by any tech guys, we would like to explain at best what we did, for your own security, the sake of the service we provide and for the future of the same and a better gameplay overall:

    1. The whole core of the source of the game has been completely changed. Truth to be told, it was a massive work, but finally done. We have now the latest standard library and codes. We forsaken the old version of the programming language used on the server and reinforced the source building to the newest version, faster and with better performances. All the external libraries have been updated to have the best result on the prestation and on the security of the application. The re-writing work on the code, other than fully supporting new standards, will also allow us to rebuild and restructure several parts that will make the future updates faster to develop and will allow a better control over bugs, that as much as unpleasant as they might be, they are however an unavoidable process of development of a software.
    2. The whole infrastructure has been revamped and replaced. The machines of the server are changed as well as their contents. We have the latest stable version and related operative systems on every one of our machines, to be always up to date and prevent security breaches and stability that are always a constant threat (i.e. some of you might have heard of the recent Specrte and Meltdown).
    3. The point 3 integrates with point 1 and 2. During the re-writing of the code, we also considered the change of the infrastructure to optimize every aspect at its best. To do a practical example, now the server compiles at 64bit. From the player's perspective this may seem nothing, but it brings huge advantages in terms on stability and infrastructure.
    4. The engine of the Database has been updated and changed. We always handle a workload of data and log that a player can't even imagine. Our team analyzes every day GB and GB of data and this was one of the reason that forced us to change the engine of our database. Other technical reasons may be found in articles online, for those who are interested (e.g.: https://mariadb.com/resources/…you-migrate-mysql-mariadb).
    5. We have a new website! Another big surprise for all of you, we have decided to invest on a new website, faster, intuitive and user friendly! (and maybe even better looking, but tastes are tastes :D) We also implemented new functions to make the navigation more pleasant.
    6. The patcher has been re-written, it is also faster and it is redesigned. Pretty self explanatory don't you agree?
    7. A new Dungeon. The most anticipated second part of the update for the top levels, we hope the wait was worth it. Since all these updates were not enough we also added a unique feature. We have created a new dungeon mode and a new raid mode. Or maybe both at the same time. On the new Dungeon you can participate in different groups, more than one group can enter on the same dungeon, even of different kingdoms. The unique feature is that each group will be in "war" among each other inside the dungeon. We are looking forward to receive several feedback about it and we hope this function will not be abused in any way but just used to have fun.
    8. An insane amount of fix, patch, optimizations, revamping... i am not going to list them all, since I have been boring enough.
    9. Discord vs TeamSpeak. Due to the recently requests, we have decided to replace the TeamSpeak server with Discord, which is the new standard in the gaming. This as always to grant you a better, updated and completed service, comfortable and secure.

    I believe this is it. This thread might have been longer than it should, but this only covers around 10% of the work that has been done on the server. We want to let you know that we put a lot of efforts every day and that we want to offer the best service to our loyal players.

    On a side note, due to the huge content of the update, we hope you'd understand that some minor issues might appear. We thank you in advance for the patience and for the report that you might do. We also want to point out that abusing eventual bugs or exploits is simply stupid and unfair in regards of other players.

    You just need to play!

    Metin2SG Staff wish you a good game!

  • We performed a quick reboot to fix some unpleasant bugs and some functions which were reverted.

    1. Item mall items did not display inside the mall bank FIXED
    2. Emotions did not work without the use of the mask FIXED
    3. You couldn't donate experience to a max level guild FIXED
    4. Flame Effect from Hell Run being fuzzy FIXED
    5. Monarch system doesn't display the text FIXED
    6. Item mall purchases from the homepage doesn't go trought FIXED
    7. Plagued Dungeon damage from mobs seems somewhat reduced (Need more infos) FIXED

    Thanks for all the players who quickly reported these issues 3 hours ago. Please provide more reports in case we missed some bugs.

    Metin2SG Team

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