Olympic Games 2017 (Mon, Jul 24th 2017 - Fri, Jul 28th 2017)

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  • Andrei Chiriac

    wts fms 55 avg! pm

  • iPsycho

    WTB HTN 4res+life

  • CatFood

    WTB Black Tunic +9 or Aqua for mage with rarity pm me in game

  • Mighty007

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  • NightSlayer

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  • RudiAusmWald

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  • iPsycho

    Thanks :D

  • iPsycho

    SGM/GA look "Questions and answers"

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond double skill

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade doublelife

  • MrSoon

    high lvl drop a lot of 75 weps on new maps, so their price drop... imagine poison 8avg mystic used to be up to 60 won

  • CeReal

    im confused....

  • CeReal

    is there a reason why poisons with 40 avg are almost cheaper than a fms with same stats? xD

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade double life 5won

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond skill+skillres / 5won

  • iPsycho

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  • Howker

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  • Penge

    Hi all! Looking for a lonely man/girl who is also looking for a partner to play. Im 24 years old, and others say im very rich in the game but i dont think so xD I like runs, have buffer, archer, warrioir blablabla

  • iPsycho

    Fatalis write iPsycho - we are the Psychophats :)

  • Grum

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Olympic Games 2017

Mon, Jul 24th 2017 - Fri, Jul 28th 2017

  • Dear Players,

    On the last week of the month, from July 24th to July 28th, we will be holding the Olympic Games Event.
    This event will have a duration of 5 days.
    On the first day there will be an Opening to the Olympic Games with a single Event that will start at 17:00 GMT +0
    On the remaining days there will be 2 Events each Day.

    Each kingdom will be represented by 33 players. Players which want to
    join the Games have to apply to their king/queen. Kings/queens will be
    nation captains. Take a note that king/queen may suggest someone else as
    Nation's Captain if they do not want to participate.

    There will be 9 games in total for the Metin2SG Olympic Games. Some
    of those are known as regular events in Metin2SG, but some can be seen
    only at Metin2SG Olympic Games.
    Some of them are:

    1. Sumo Wrestling: Each kingdom will have it’s own team of 3
    players. Fights will be 1 on 1 in already created arena specially for
    this event. Players will hit each another with swords only, and first
    who is kicked out of the arena will lose the battle. Winner of the fight
    will be awarded with 1 point. In the end of the event points of each
    kingdom will be counted and the kingdom with the most points will be
    winner of that game. Player with the most points will receive golden
    certificate, 2nd one will receive silver certificate and 3rd will
    receive bronze certificate.

    1. Sword (level 1 weapon)
    2. No items with poison, slow, stun
    3. No skills

    Illegal Substances:
    1. Speed pots
    2. Attack Speed pots
    3. Alchemist liquids

    2. Football Fiesta: Each kingdom will have it’s own team of 5
    players (3 on the pitch and 2 substitutes). Teams will play 10 minute
    games between themselves. For the win teams will be awarded with 3
    points, for the draw 1 point and for the lost game 0 points. Final table
    of the football fiesta will be created after the last game has ended.
    Winning team will be rewarded with golden certificates, the best scorer
    will be rewarded with 30 days emotion mask.

    Mounts (armored horse)
    Sword (level 1 weapon, mages would use level 1 fan)
    Items with poison, slow, stun are not allowed
    No skills

    Illegal Substances:
    Speed pots
    Attack speed pots
    Alchemist liquids

    3. Horse Race: Every nation will pick their 5 finest riders
    for this game. The race will be held from point A to point B in a
    already chosen map. Speed test will be made for each player, so the
    starting positions would be set for the race. Winner would get 10 points
    and golden certificate, runner up 8 points for his/her kingdom and
    silver certificate, 3rd would get 6 points and bronze certificate, 4th 4
    points, 5th 3 points, 6th 2 points, 7th 1 point. After the race is
    over, points will be calculated and the winning nation for this game
    will be announced.

    Players MUST equip every part of the gear
    No skills

    Illegal substances:
    Speed pots

    4. Marathon: Each kingdom will pick 4 members for this game.
    Players will have to run through several maps to reach finish line. 1st
    place gets 5 points and gold certificate, 2nd place gets 4 points and
    silver certificate, 3rd place gets 3 points and bronze certificate.
    Points will be added to the Nation’s rank.
    Players will have to use every part of the gear (no empty slots on their chars-not in the inventory of course)

    Illegal substances:
    Speed pots

    Any kind of buff
    Usage of skills

    5. Fishing Supreme: Each Nation will pick 4 member team for
    this game. This event will last 30 minutes, from each kingdom only one
    player may fish, after he/she catches the FISH he/she will be replaced
    by another team member, and that will be the case for the whole 30
    minutes. In the end of this game, GM team will count the fish caught by
    every nation, and by every player. The winning nation of this game will
    be rewarded with 1 point. Player which has caught the most fish will get
    gold certificate, 2nd place will get silver certificate, 3rd place will
    get bronze certificate.

    ONLY Rod and baits are allowed to be on characters at the time of the event.

    Illegal Substances:
    Speed pots,
    Fishing manual (from fisherman)

    6. Ultimate OX: Participants from all 3 nations will join
    the Ultimate Ox. There will be only 1 round of the OX . The game will
    end after 10 or less players are left in the field. Nation will win 1
    point per player which has left in the OX field.

    7. DT exhibition: Each kingdom will pick 5 member team for
    this game. The team which finishes this game in the shortest period of
    time will get 3 points for it’s kingdom.

    Usual gear

    Illegal substances:
    Attack speed pots

    Any kind of mount

    8. Triathlon: Each kingdom will have to pick 4 players for
    this game. Triathlon is the game of 3 separate games together: knight
    treasure mounts race, fishing, walking to the Finish line. Players would
    first have to ride their mounts from spot A to spot B, at spot B they
    would have to dismount and equip their fishing pole, after they catch 3
    fish they would type /set_w and continue walking until the finish line.
    Rewards for 1st place are golden certificate and 10 points, 2nd place
    silver certificate and 8 points, 3rd place bronze certificate and 6

    Normal gear (every part would have to be equipped)
    Inventory clean with only fishing pole and 50 baits in it.

    Illegal substances:
    Speed pots,
    Fishing manual (from fisherman)


    9. Clean the metin field: Each nation will pick their top 3
    PVM characters. In this game Each Team will have to clean the metin
    field in the shortest period of time. The team which finishes this first
    will be rewarded with 2 points, 2nd place team will get 1 point, and
    last team will end with no points.

    Usual gear

    Illegal Substances:
    Speed pots,
    Attack speed pots,
    Increase defense/attack pots
    Increase defense/attack mall items

    Strictly Forbidden:
    “Outside” buff

    NOTE: All the Daily Events will be canceled during Olympic Games Week.


    24th - Horse Race at 17:00 GMT
    25th - Sumo Wrestling at 14:00 GMT
    - Football Fiesta at 17:00 GMT
    26th - Clean the metin field at 14:00 GMT - 14:00 GMT Event of 26th has been postponed to 29th at 14:00 GMT

    - Ultimate OX at 17:00 GMT
    27th - Fishing Supreme at 14:00 GMT

    - Marathon at 17:00 GMT
    28th - DT Exibition at 14:00 GMT
    - Triathlon at 17:00 GMT - POSTPONED FOR SUNDAY 30TH - 15:00 gmt

    Day 1:
    Asmodia: 19
    Elgoria: 14

    Day 2:
    Asmodia: 8
    Elgoria: 4

    Day 3:
    Asmodia: 4
    Elgoria: 6

    Day 4:
    Asmodia: 7
    Elgoria: 5

    Day 5:
    Asmodia: 0
    Elgoria: 3

    Day 6:
    Asmodia: 1
    Elgoria: 2

    Day 7:
    Asmodia: 10
    Elgoria: 14

    Asmodia: 49
    Elgoria: 48


    Kind Regards,
    Metin2 SG Team

  • Here is the list for Yellow kingdom:-

    1-Sumo Wrestling:  Amdusias – CatWithAwp- PrincePersia

    2-Football Fiesta: PrincePersia – Subarashi – CatWithAwp -

    3-Horse Race: GSMari – GSBlue – Subarashi – PrincePersia - CatWithAwp

    4-Marathon: PrincePersia – CatWithAwp – IcookieMonsterI -

    5-Fishing Supreme: PrincePersia – Beckmap2 – CatWithAwp - Amdusias

    6-Ultimate OX: French – IcookieMonsterI - Rosalina

    7-DT Exhibition: PrincePersia - Luxuria - ODYNIEC

    8-Triathlon: PrincePersia

    9-Clean The Metin Field: PrincePersia - ODYNIEC

    Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times.

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  • Sumowrestling FaDeDropper - AstonJunior - Gauss
    Football Fiesta Bratoshka - FabianRO
    Horse Race DanooFarm - HalisNo7 - Schlurp - Romatix - SmokeyMcPot
    Marathon 25cm - xZyzz - AnnaWandGenagelt - 1337JkRR
    Fishing Surpreme Ivg - xAchilleus
    DT exhibition ChrisPBacon - RainyDays - JkRR - Loreine - And0r
    Triathlon - xZyzz - Glutamine - Robeck - 1AMC11BEL - Amnesiio
    Metin Field JkRR - Loreine - RainyDays

    Some players aren't sure wether they've got time or not.

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  • Forgot about Ultimate OX

  • 6. Ultimate OX: Participants from all 3 nations will join
    the Ultimate Ox. There will be only 1 round of the OX . The game will
    end after 10 or less players are left in the field. Nation will win 1
    point per player which has left in the OX field.

    You want me to write down every player in the blue kingdom? CookieMonster didnt read properly. And so did I in the beginning :whistling:

  • Really? A emotion mask to the best scorer?