[Maintenance] Gameplay Changes 05/10/2016

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  • Dear Players,

    we will perform a maintenance in few hours with some important changes on the gameplay. Yesterday was the 7th year of Metin2 SG (Commercialization date) and we believe the current settings of the server are too harsh and grinding for the new players. We made some radical changes on the low levels aspect mainly and some improvement on the poorly done game interface and other ingame feature that were not explained ingame, but most of the time explained by me or other members of the team.

    The changes we did are the following:

    Game Interface:

    • Main quests scrolls are now yellow
    • The first of the main quests will blink
    • Most of the low level quest scrolls will show what reward you can get from them
    • Chaegirab displays the time left to deliver the next bio quest items now (rounded by hours)
    • Replaced the chaotic sentences on the skill books with a real timer
    • Monster's level is now written near their name along with a symbol in case they are Aggro

    Game Changes:

    • Raised the experience and gold ratio on map1 and map2
    • NPC shops sells the same items they usually sell, but their refine level is higher
    • Removed most of the low level sub quests but raised the rewards and golds of the remaining ones
    • Lowered the monster requirments for the hunting quests and raised the experience and gold rewards.
    • Hunter Quests will also provide new rewards up to level 30, allowing the player to achieve a little low level set with a high refine level.
    • Removed the Horse Riding Quests (2-10). You just need to deliver a horse medal.
    • The cooldown of the horse quests is lowered to 3 hours.
    • The cooldown of the skill books is lowered to 12-14 hours.
    • Metin respawn time is shorter. (shorter means they will spawn more often)
    • Chaegirab's level 30 and 40 quests don't have a cooldown anymore.
    • You can progress on Chaegirab's quests at the same time.
    • As consequence of #11 the monocle works differently, you don't need to click on it anymore, but just speak to Chaegirab and select the quest you want to reset
    • Added random drop of green changers and adders to low-mid level metins
    • Added a Novice Channel ticket on the first Apprentice Chest, you no longer need to send a mail and also blues can apply. It will work as TP Ring.

    We hope you will appreciate the changes we made and enjoy the upcoming Anniversary Event.

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

  • I just made armed horse 12h ago, but Daaaaamn, i cant remember when i was so happy about the patch.
    Thank you guys. U really did the great job. But what does this mean : NPC shops sells the same items they usually sell, but their refine level is higher. Thank you guys for everything, u are really improving game. I feel like this is the biggest patch/change this game has ever seen xD

  • Are u going to make Priv server?:D

    Anyways I like this changes, maybe we'll have more ppl.

    Can you tell more about changers drop? Will it drop at metins 25-65? What rate of drop? Will it drop as rare as soul stones for example? Or stones+4?


    -WGE+9 clean
    -War helm 5% mobs
    -War armour 48-61 8% restore HP

    PM Nitrogenium

  • after i reached 45 lvl..

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