Budokan Hall of Fame

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  • baxter

    sell bma +6 ( deff and evasion +6 ) 8 % avg Mystic

  • iPsycho

    WTS HTB 8life 20devil 10magic 10undead 25won

  • iPsycho

    Look for Hell/jotun/drsagon partners

  • Penge

    AstonJunior is online?:D

  • Penge

    well, its true it was hard to make a deal with you in ingame too....... hahaha but I hope we will meet on map1, in fact i love you too, like everyone else! =)

  • Lacex54

    I See how i was your boss now you shout Freedom muhahahah i Feel colored that i Made you guys a Hard Time in the Server you are all my childs

  • Mighty007

    so he is gone? finally freedom !!

  • SirPic

    lol finally that kid gone

  • EmyEmy

    Rmt is real money trade i think

  • Penge

    just a fast question, what is rtm? xD (real trade anything? )

  • Lacex54

    Never Mess with the wolfs ~ Lacex54

  • Lacex54

    I still respect you. No matter what in my eyes you are a good Worker really 100% always for the server

  • Lacex54

    Consequences? Man you also said i sold items to Jordan als Diggachen i Never played with that guy in my life

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    cause having a flamer on the forum is not ok and all your posts on every thread are toxic

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You must deal with the consequences of your actions. Now the thing is pretty simple, start over or go elsewhere

  • Lacex54

    Ye iam also a human just a bigger human then some others i cant wait evryday for your good mood

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You just admitted you did rmt for 2 years i don't see what you expect now :)

  • Lacex54

    I explained you its not possible taking Money back and you ignored me so

  • Lacex54

    Then you said Take the money back her your main back

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    2 years or 10 years, we got you now

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  • budokan.jpg

    Hi everyone,

    NOW! We want to truly recognize those of you who achieved flawless victories; those of you who stand in admiration and awe before the community; a sense of fear when his/her name is mentioned!

    Hall Of Fame 2015 (Claim your rewards speaking with [GA]Teirusu in game)

    Hall Of Fame 2016


    1. If you have chosen the reward for your category, you are not allow to choose the Champion reward; vice-versa. The Champion reward is base on cumulative victories, since players may advance in their level and participate in the next category.

    2. The Hall of Fame will be reset on 1 January 2015. You have 55 weeks to potentially accumulate 5 victories, 10 victories or 20 victories.


    5 Wins 10 Wins 20 Wins
    10.000 Tec Points 22.500 Tec Points 50.000 Tec Points
    Blacksmith's Memo Wise Man's Memo Premium Pack 7 Days
    Exorcism Scroll Blacksmith's Memo Blue Dragon Breath
    Hermit's Advice Exorcism Scroll Wise Man's Memo
    Red Monocle Hermit's Advice (x2) Blacksmith's Memo
    Quest Potion Red Monocle Exorcism Scroll
    Quest Potion (x2)
    Hermit's Advice (x3)
    Enhance Scroll
    Red Monocle
    Enhance Change Scroll
    Quest Ption (x3)
    Blessing Marble
    Enhance Scroll (x2)
    Enhance Change Scroll (x2)

  • Budokan Hall Of Fame 2015:

  • Budokan Hall Of Fame 2016:

  • Budokan Hall of Fame 2017

  • Budokan Hall of Fame 2018







    January 7th Pr0metheus Schlurp MyArcher PanicStation JkRRR
    January 13th
    Pr0metheus Schlurp xLykan PanicStation / Lacex54 jkRRR
    January 20th
    Pr0metheus Schlurp MyArcher PanicStation JkRRR
    January 27th
    Pr0metheus Schlurp MyArcher PanicStation B0RN2F1GHT
    February 3rd
    Pr0metheus Schlurp Kaasura PanicStation Cerva
    February 10th
    Pr0metheus Schlurp MyArcher PanicStation Cerva
    February 17th
    InvisiBlade UtherPendragon MyArcher PanicStation JkRRR
    February 24th
    Pepperwood Pr0metheus MyArcher PanicStation BOKHA
    March 3rd
    boobless Pr0metheus shanaynay WarZeus JkRRR
    March 10th
    Pepperwood Pr0metheus - Japanese Lullaby
    March 17th
    Pepperwood Lokiko MyArcher PanicStation JkRRR
    March 24th
    Pepperwood Pr0metheus Porki PanicStation JkRRR
    March 31st
    itsnotyourfault Pr0metheus Element115 Bombardieru JkRRR
    April 7th
    InvisiBlade Pr0metheus -
    PizzaGirl ChrisPBacon
    April 14th
    Pepperwood Pr0metheus Kaasura PanicStation Cerva
    April 21st
    Pepperwood KUZEYKIZI Fantamagoria PanicStation -
    April 28th
    InvisiBlade Pr0metheus LemonDemon - Cerva
    May 5th
    InvisiBlade Pr0metheus LemonDemon MeepMeepImaJeep Cerva
    May 12th
    InvisiBlade Pr0metheus LemonDemon - Lullaby
    May 19th
    InvisiBlade CayanFarm
    shanyanay Kloder Cerva
    May 26th
    InvisiBlade Pr0metheus Kaasura PanicStation Porki
    June 2nd
    Pepperwood Pr0metheus LemonDemon PanicStation Lullaby
    June 9th
    InvisiBlade Inhumanss Kaasura PanicStation Cerva
    June 16th
    InvisiBlade - Kaasura PanicStation Tyda
    June 23rd
    ImUnStopable Pr0metheus AlmightyHoly PanicStation Cerva
    June 30th
    KaNiN Ihab Kaasura PizzaGirl Porki
    July 7th
    ImSuperWoman Schlurp zzzbemzzz LordKnight HappyHippo
    July 14th
    InvisiBlade Schlurp CaNiN PanicStation BadToTheBone