Budokan Hall of Fame

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  • DenzelCurry

    blue cant win without mount or what? :shit:

  • BBazzuka

    Thanks to all players who was at NW, it was one of the best, many ppl. 👌🏻

  • Voli

    crossword 14:00GMT?

  • DenzelCurry

    yes i know

  • GodOfPaint

    from other players..

  • GodOfPaint

    if you buy odins ingame you get 0 mp

  • EmyEmy

    :hi: :huntsman: :misslelauncher: :dash:

  • WoodDivision

    ah i tought how much u get when u use tp 😂

  • GodOfPaint

    15k tp = 22.5k tp so 2.250mp :O

  • EmyEmy

    he wanted to know with the bonus;

  • GodOfPaint

    you get 10% from the tp you buy for $ as mp so 15k tp =1.5k mp

  • WoodDivision

    15k tp gives 15k milleage xd

  • Xandroo

    hunter hour @[SMOD]Tary gogo! :D

  • EmyEmy

    sumo event please :D

  • chunchunfarm

    got the answer in discord :P

  • chunchunfarm

    Usually, 15k TP gives how much milleage? and vs 50% recharge event?

  • ninecircles

    ye, i asked him to do it, and it worked, thanks ;D

  • EmyEmy

    Change game resolution maybe

  • ninecircles

    yo, my friend is trying to enter the game for the first time, and he cant chose kingdom, yellow and blue Symbol apear all on the right side of the screen instead of the middle

  • EmyEmy


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  • budokan.jpg

    Hi everyone,

    NOW! We want to truly recognize those of you who achieved flawless victories; those of you who stand in admiration and awe before the community; a sense of fear when his/her name is mentioned!

    Hall Of Fame 2015 (Claim your rewards speaking with [GA]Teirusu in game)

    Hall Of Fame 2016


    1. If you have chosen the reward for your category, you are not allow to choose the Champion reward; vice-versa. The Champion reward is base on cumulative victories, since players may advance in their level and participate in the next category.

    2. The Hall of Fame will be reset on 1 January 2015. You have 55 weeks to potentially accumulate 5 victories, 10 victories or 20 victories.


    5 Wins 10 Wins 20 Wins
    10.000 Tec Points 22.500 Tec Points 50.000 Tec Points
    Blacksmith's Memo Wise Man's Memo Premium Pack 7 Days
    Exorcism Scroll Blacksmith's Memo Blue Dragon Breath
    Hermit's Advice Exorcism Scroll Wise Man's Memo
    Red Monocle Hermit's Advice (x2) Blacksmith's Memo
    Quest Potion Red Monocle Exorcism Scroll
    Quest Potion (x2)
    Hermit's Advice (x3)
    Enhance Scroll
    Red Monocle
    Enhance Change Scroll
    Quest Ption (x3)
    Blessing Marble
    Enhance Scroll (x2)
    Enhance Change Scroll (x2)

  • Budokan Hall Of Fame 2015:

  • Budokan Hall Of Fame 2016:

  • Budokan Hall of Fame 2017

  • Budokan Hall of Fame 2018

  • Budokan Hall of Fame 2019

    Date Bronze Silver Gold Hero Champion
    January 5th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Antonia PanicStation Mecca
    January 12th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Harksi Pr0metheus Gucci
    January 19th
    Pepperwood Schlurp Wheredee FromHell Mecca
    January 26th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood LemonDemon FromHell Mecca
    February 2nd
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Kiomy neb95 BadToTheBone
    February 9th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee TheBrocker Mecca
    February 16th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee TheBrocker Mecca
    February 23rd
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee CosaNostra Mecca
    March 2nd
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee PanicStation JkRR
    March 9th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee WarZeus SuR4aAa
    March 16th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee PanicStation Mecca
    March 23rd
    Pepperwood Peppervvood HiBro SuNNeTCii Yunii
    March 30th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee PanicStation Mecca
    April 6th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee - Mecca
    April 13th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee LollaBabE Mecca
    April 20th
    Della xBeatstorm Myri EmyEmy Mecca
    April 27th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee MickyMouse Mecca
    May 4th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee Aquailla Mecca
    May 11th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee EmyEmy Mecca
    May 18th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee EmyEmy CucuBauuu
    May 25th
    oOKaptnOo Schlurp Wheredee PanicStation CucuBauuu
    June 1st
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee PanicStation -
    June 8th
    Pepperwood Peppervvood Wheredee PanicStation Schatje
    June 15th
    - Dzo Wheredee PanicStation Mecca
    June 22nd Z7x Peppervvood Wheredee Aquailla -
    June 29th Wheredee
    July 6th Patedral Peppervvood Antonia Djoker Mecca
    July 13th CptnSpliff Peppervvood Antonia Thanatan Mecca
    July 20th SoFREAKnGood Peppervvood Antonia SuNNeTCii Mecca
    July 27th SoFREAKnGood Peppervvood Antonia Thanatan FromHell
    August 3rd DustToDust Dreadnought Antonia Grandi0s Nessi
    August 10th - Dreadnought Antonia Aquailla FromHell
    August 17th Pepperwood Schlurp Antonia Aquailla Tyda
    August 24th Aquaillax Dreadnought Antonia Aquailla Desired
    August 31st - Dreadnought Antonia Aquailla Tyda
    September 7th Healvenn Anise Antonia EmyEmy Desired
    September 14th MiniAsuna xPIRATx Antonia AsukaYuni Tyda
    September 21st MiniAsuna AsunaYuki Antonia AsukaYuni Desired
    September 28th MiniAsuna Schlurp Antonia Aquailla Czesioooo
    October 5th MiniAsuna Schlurp BabyShow AsukaYuni Czesioooo
    October 12th BigBaby Schlurp Antonia - Desired
    October 19th MiniAsuna - Antonia AkatsukiMadara Desired
    October 26th SpiritAngeL xPIRATx zzzbemzzz AkatsukiMadara Galaktika
    November 2nd Woooookiiiee BigBaby Antonia - Desired
    November 9th SpiderFarmer JetDomain Antonia MadaraaZ ZThor
    November 16th MiniAsuna xPIRATx Antonia MadaraaZ Mecca
    November 23rd - Yosmo Antonia XxRampaxX Mecca
    November 30th MiniAsuna xPIRATx Antonia AsukaYuni Mecca
    December 7th SpiritAngeL xPIRATx Antonia XxRampaxX Mecca
    December 14th MiniAsuna MeteorCrash - AsukaYuni -
    December 21st - MeteorCrash Antonia XxRampaxX Mecca
    December 28th - Lugana ShamanRampa XxRampaxX mezzo22