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    Yo guys, can any1 tell me the proce of this necklacke?

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    Buy spirit blessing

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    i cant post anything in any thread, postbox is kinda locked and all black. No idea why

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    how long can i buy valentinsstuff in itemshop??

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    btw guys @Darkbllad3r if anyone wants Spirit Blessings at 350kk :P

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    why the ox started earlier than it was written here?

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    It depends on the type of drop. The game has 4 different drop types and only 2 are affected by the level. Having the same level as the level of the monster you are trying to loot from is the best drop rate, while having 10 levels more will result in a drastic decrease.

    isn't the best drop if you're lower level than the mob?

    go to baek-go map1 and you click on making potions. The menu shows you all the requirements. The chance of success is high enough, smt like 8/10.

    Sought out: Baby Spider, Demon Spearman, Savage Minion. Eso Fanatic is ok too.

    starring panicstation as the lvl 86 knight in map 1, the defender of helpless pvm chars, waiting for the protagonist to go on free and then camp him. Fun times.

    I'm not at home for starters. And I have no clue what you are on about. I was pvping vs anybody, and the fact that I've won over 30 budokans and over 10 pvm kings with 39 pretty much disapproves everything you just said(this was my main char back then aswell). Also I played actively on 39 for a year tops.

    Any way it seems you are derailing again from simple pvp banter to your silly frustrations.

    So have fun tooting your horn here further.

    cherry-picking clips out of context still? still hiding inventories? (what's the point? ). I also hit 10k + in raids multiple times, you don't see me posting pictures of it because they mean nothing.

    Keep in mind this char was 62 like 3 months ago. you were 86 4 or 5 years ago when I was playing as a 39. I'm simply stating that you've only caught glimpses so far and I will beat you in budokan if I really set my mind to it.

    Poor performance by me today because I didn't switch from sin to war gear in time(was missing 40-50 res). Some stuff still needs upping too, and 90-96 bios also still not done. No vitality stone in the picture. So don't celebrate too soon buddy :).

    Shadow iPsycho is a good example of a player passionate enough to push his character in a really fast pace and get to the end game with good gear. But I also recall a discussion with him like a month ago when he was still lvl 92 or so and he was really excited about doing some dragon runs back then and then realized how hard it was to find anyone to do it with. This can be backed up by the fact that he opened a thread on forum right after in which he is looking for partners for any kind of runs. I'm not sure how successful he was, but anyway this incident tells us the following: the population is small, I think it was mentioned enough already, BUT there are plenty who really enjoy the concept of this server, players who were really sick with the way GF handled things and the state of the game there. I'm sure if they were to choose any of them servers(assuming both have the same nr of players), they would go with SG 100%.

    Up until lvl 75-80 or so there is plenty to do, you'll always be able to farm something(especially since you added red changers to the metin drops). The problem is that you push your character with the idea to do all the endgame content but you're halted by these restrictions and you'll end up doing the same exact thing that you were doing up until that point and slowly and surely it will become very stale.

    This is what this thread is all about: finding a way, a middleground between what you can do solo and what you'll need a team to accomplish with without restricting the player too much. Teamplay should be promoted through difficulty of the dungeons and maybe some other mechanics and not through a band-aid mechanic like IP-Block.

    quick edit: considering that last 2 patches, I trust that you can keep it up with the QoL changes

    Apart from plagues which is for lvl 70-90, dragon run(75 or 80+ iirc) and DC all the rest that need a partner are for 100+.

    Thoreau made some good points, but I'm certain most of those 71 were low to midrange in levels and most of them quit most likely due to lack of server population and difficulty in selling/getting gear of the market.

    Most of the runs don't really have a balanced drop for parties anyway, as a buffer you won't ever get the coveted drops(like the box for example) cuz you'll have to stand there and buff, that's why people just prefer to not even bother helping unless you do more runs and split the drop(assuming they dmg dealer even wants to do that; not always the case...I've encountered players who would refuse to share the plagued run drops with you and their response was: be grateful that you're getting xp for free).

    So the short version is: we are forced to party up to do some dungeons but the loot system is certainly not designed for party-play, quite the opposite.

    So the problem isn't the ip-block only, but it's the fact that the drop isn't really fair and balance for all the participants, that's why Skyquake idea of having chests drop for everyone is probably a simple and fair solution.

    I suggest you consider both possibilities: either remove ip-block altogether(having both solo and party variants of the runs is probably too much of a hassle), OR just adjust the drop so that everyone in the party gets the same loot.

    If the problem is finding people to do run, how could 1 box per player fix this? Sorry but if you can't enter because you can't make a party, even 100 box would be useless as reward.

    The idea is to allow people to enter alone(includes own buffer maybe) and if the game detects only 1 IP then you'll get 1 box, but if you do it with a party of different players then each gets a box.

    I once planned on adding a low level but after all it would be the same since high level players can simply pass their gear to their low level players, making it hard for the real low level players to enjoy the war. I also thought about making 2 wars in the Nation War day, and making the final score depending on the results of the low level war and the high level war but the problem still remains, so in the end I did not implement this idea.

    Kind Regards,


    This will always be a fundamental issue with metin and you can't change that, but you can't just sack every single idea like this based on that cuz otherwise barely anything will be added. Not saying people won't just gear a low char and join, they will but considering how easy it is to make low pvp equipment and to get your skill up quickly I don't find it a problem. It is a game afterall, people want to have fun and people like having more choices. So if you have the time and some ideas for this kind of event, I would recommend implementing it and see how it pans out.

    Worthwhile as in you get something for the time investment(vague I know). Also, so far I know there wasn't any interdiction on multiaccounts in any official metin server and I played since like 2007.

    And yea, totally agree: the game is very unbalanced at core, but even so people will play whatever class they enjoy the most and they will make another pvm character if need be or just NATURALLY start playing(doing runs etc) as a group.

    You made the plagued run as an incentive to encourage people to include other mages than their own and assassins into their dungeon groups but the endresult was that only mages and sins are doing the run now(not necessarily bad).

    And when I say solo, I mean that you as a player with limited free time, join the game and you want to do a run or two(whatever run) but you can't because your usual partnes or anyone suitable isn't online. After trying to find someone you give up and logg off. Again, this issues is more so accentuated on SG due to huge timezone differences and small player-base.

    I'm sure you can come up with a solution to this, but my 2 cents is that ip-block is discouraging players to lvl-up or to play active.

    Either give it the ork run treatment w/o nerfing the drop-rates too much(make it still worthwhile; this could be harder to balance) or just let people join with as many characters as they want(maybe just add a limit to how many can join).This is how metin was designed anyway(good or bad, it is how the majority of the playerbase learnt and played the game and stuck around with it) People who want to do it on their own will only bring the buffer char anyway, because there really isn't a point in bringing more.

    Hello again, like the title says I really think ip-block does not have a place in a game like metin2. I understand you tried to encourage team-play to complete the runs but in reality it just meant that fewer runs will be made altogether. First of all the population of the server isn't really big(quite the opposite), secondly the playerbase is from across the globe and there are huge timezone differences hence people are having a really hard time finding common play hours.

    This game is really not like any other MMORPG where you're restricted to 1 account online/IP where the core gameplay is adapted to that kind of design anyway.

    So back to runs: most of the runs are really hard to do solo anyway, and even if you manage to solo it, that's really not the problem, the issue is the drop that ofcourse will have to be adapted a little but considering we have cooldowns for most runs even that shouldn't be much of an issue. Plagued Run could potentially impose a problem, but it's nothing that couldn't be adjusted.

    TL;DR: IP-block is a band-aid fix that really hinders players from actually doing runs(they can't find partners and just log off or even quit altogether). If you want to promote team-play then just increase the difficulty of runs and adjust drop-rates;