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  • [CoMa]Shadow

    from the client of course

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Change the resolution

  • Spenditiion

    ofc no1 answers , i reinstalled it still not working , nvm

  • Spenditiion


  • Spenditiion

    anyone can help

  • Spenditiion

    what should i do when i cant log and it says "metin_2_create_no_apropiate_device"

  • Spenditiion


  • Onyekuru

    wtb poison+9 45 avg

  • Radioactive

    tary explain lottery pls <3

  • EmyEmy

    Woot? Xd

  • A.O.S

    uve been freed

  • Fivel

    Well that sucks:P

  • EmyEmy

    Haha im curious unkojp

  • UnkoJP

    because of many reasons XD

  • EmyEmy

    banned why? ;l

  • UnkoJP

    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

  • deathpool

    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

  • Onyekuru

    yes 49 avg is very good

  • Fivel

    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

  • SirPic

    no we don't

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    Sry if u missunderstood, didn't mean the 105 weapons only, 90s aswell ofcourse. And yes, the direction the other servers were headed is also flat-out wrong. they deal insane amount of dmg there and with every new update they add even more. I'm not saying that we should have very high OP stats on the weapons, but they need some buffs nonetheless, especially since the stun-lock change made it much harder to kill players. So basically there should be a bigger difference between 65 92 and 105 weapons but not too massive. The high lvl pvp here compared to there is much better and it just needs a small boost in dmg, via weapons buffs(again, I'm not suggesting ridiculous changes here), maybe some nerfs to reses could work, maybe to how res is calculated in general.

    And about alchemy now...I understand that alchemy is aimed for high lvls and it's fine, but with the success rates right now, you struggle very hard to get a stone past low class regardless of level, the REQUIREMENTS for clarity upgrades are too high and then maybe you get a high class or even a super class after a very large investment but you get a blank stone which is practically worthless.

    While we are on the topic of dmg and such, are you still planning on releasing some sort of Shoulder piece system here?


    as it is right now players do very little dmg in high lvl scrambles vs players with high res(even tho the attacking side had good vs and other boosts)

    The main reason for this is:

    - Non-scaling of weapons AV. This is the main problem imo for the low dmg output in pvp. In the past this system was fine because changers were hard to get and it was much harder to roll high bonus tiers so there were very few players with nearly or maxed out reses.(Choosing between old and new stats while rolling was a significant change). Then we have rarity on top of that for even more dmg mitigation, pendants are basically for free, costumes, high demi res on yea, you get quite tanky. Up until 75 every new weapon has normal scaling and the you have 92 and 105 weapons which have the same exact av as a 65 weapon and you gain what exactly?... some extra demi that scales very poorly and is mitigates by all the res, and then for 105 weapons you get some more demi that again, p much gets mitigatet entirely and some extra stats which are actually really nice to have. AV though stays the same... As an example for everyone: On SG(just like it would have been on US) a Rune Sword +9 has 257-287, up until +8 it has 227-233 which is actually lower than a sirius +9. A Sirius has 237-277 from +0 to +9 which is the same exact AV as a battle sword +9(lvl 65). Meanwhile on the other webzen servers a Rune Sword has 403-457 at +9.

    We talked about this very briefly Shadow and your argument against scaling was that you didn't want 105 weapons to be the only way to play, but that's so wrong tho...using the same logic why ever scale weapons ever? People are lvling and upgrading their gear because they want to have a feeling of improvement and actually see some differences after you dump all your money into an item) I'll repeat myself: the non-scaling system worked fine in the past when it was really difficult to get stats and such, but that's soooo long ago. Now we really need some proper scaling like on the other servers(Even though you're saying that we're not pvping enough to warrant a patch, well it's true that in low lvl and mid lvl range barely anyone is interested about it but this isn't about them, this is only for high lvl players where there's still some pvp - you even added a semi-pvp run in the last patch). Also I doubt this is hard to implement considering you managed to add in plenty QoL features already.

    Another strong argument for this change is the removal of stun-lock. If you have some decent res now you can just run(especially archers and mages) vs many players at once.

    Another suggestions would be regarding alchemy(HIJACKING Soon's discussion I guess, sry xD): the latest updates were in the right direction but it still barely solved anything. It is true that the amount of alchemy on the server increased but the server is p much in the same place: people just managing to get minor(maybe low) tier stones. Getting a stone paste antique is way too hard(up chances are very low and you require too many stones for a single attempt).

    I would suggest either keeping the same nr requirement for upping towards legendary(with some HIGHER upp rates) and then for clarity grade have only 2 needed for all tiers.

    Another quality of life change: increase the duration of alchemy please. The potion from item mall restores 8 hours while the stones last for 4; you weren't against increasing the time on them when I last asked you Shadow so this would be nice and I assume very fast to do.

    Sry for the messy formatting and the wall of text

    I will edit this post if I get more ideas.

    Awaiting some proper responses from staff.

    Have a good day!

    The main problem is that a fully equipped 75 will get a top 3 time much much easier and with pretty much no risks while the player in the 90-95(also fully equipped) will have a much harder time to compete time-wise with the player in the 75 cat.(mostly because outside of the 80 bio quest you don't really have any other real dmg advantages over the 75 player and such even in the best scenario you won't be able to compete with his time in the metins phase; Also 95 metins are very hard compared 100-105 for example) It's a bit hard to say though since you barely see many players compete for the latter.

    Anyway, my suggestion would be to put 90 metins for the 90-95 players instead of 95s/100s. But again we don't have many players in that category to have a decent comparison.

    Other than that the Demon King phase in the 50-59 category is way to easy. A spider queen would be more appropriate considering the 41-49 and 60-69 categories both have a boss phase that doesn't have a VS bonus, while demon king has basically no hp pool to speak of and is weak against vs undead.

    Other than that I've heard you're gonna add a 106-120 category as well which is great!.

    That's about it from the top of my head, thanks for still running the event regularly <3


    I was wondering if you would increase the duration of DSS. Considering the refill from IM restores 8 hours it would make sense if we had 8 or 16 hours on it(24 hours would really hurt either ^^). It is an extension to your character after all. People will be less reluctant to just use it while farming :)

    The ban was, and is, currently only one. One for the faults of many, you can agree to this or not, your opinion of course, but the situation have already calmed down, we don't see any reports of insults or harrasment since the day it happened. Some players even came back after this ban, so we gained more than we lost, for now. If you and the rest of your guild wants to leave, the door is always open both ways. We will deal with the consequences of our choice as we always tell the players to deal with theirs :)

    As for the NW, is not the best example to put as the numbers are still fine, the participation is low, due to ego, but if pvp is requested we can always apply changes, removing pvp bonus, nerfing them, making them accessible using special scrolls or simply create dungeons with pvp monsters.

    I'm confident the few players coming back is a coincidence(most likely because of the easter event).

    Also, I think someone else from Purge got banned yesterday out of the blue, if that's just temporary then maybe you can confirm that.

    Also I'm sure the reports will start again soon because like you said those players have big enough ego's and will be offended by every little thing.

    This is the problem that most of your group don't understand, you are not as vital as you may think. Spending money here doesn't grant you special treatments or immunity. The server is open since 9 years, it lost players way more healthier and with more "economical power" than your friends (not you, cause you resort to exploits quests) and yet here we are :)

    This game should be a relief from the stress you get from the real life and should be a peacefuly place, whatever you do in your real life is none of my concerns but here you behave according to a standard. Harrassing players, posting funny pictures of their fathers, posting porns on this forum, is not a proper behaviour and if the price to return to the calm is to ban a handful of bad players, we are willing to pay the price. The server can survive without them don't worry :)

    I would p much agree entirely with you if the game was not this old already and if the community wasn't this small. Metin 2 is in the late retention phase of f2p games. Events like NW are already p much deserted because of the small amount of people willing to even bother to attend them(but obviously they all have a big mouth on forums and such...). I know that some players are really volatile and sometimes they will go a bit overboard, but just perma-banning them instantly is def not the way to go right now.

    Yes, the server is old already and it always recovered somehow after losing valuable and active players, but the game was more popular back then. Honestly it's a miracle that so many are still playing after all this time.

    I'm quite positive that the game(server) won't be able to recover if a big portion of an already small group of high-lvlers just quit at the same time.