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    In my opinion, it's not a problem to join pvp, you must understand that some people just want to avoid thresh talk as we have seen yesterday one ochao run, and the call chat was heavily spammed.

    Also, you must understand that some people just need to chill and took a break from the game.

    Pretty sure that you can fight with a high-class DSS and it's not that hard to make at the moment, if you can't make super mythic just go for high if you think that you are missing full wheel to make ''2k damage more'', the only problem I see is that new people can't do OCHAOruns since 10 years old players are killing them hardly. As we know the price of moonstone is 25-30 won each is the new player able to make armor to +9 ( roll it and make rarity )? Besides that there are S skills and to make one how much gold do you need 100won?

    In the end, my conclusion is to nerf the hydra run tickets from 100SS to 50SS, make more channels for ochao runs like it was before as we all know the moonstone was 4won, that's how we made armors before no? Remove or nerf the fish and if it's possible make dragon god attack working on magic skills as well at least some %, not the full amount as it's for physical damage.

    I didn't even comment any update you have done in last 2-3 years ( maybe I'm wrong ) correct me if I'm not right.
    I also didn't insult at this post or said anything bad, I simply asked.
    But if you think it's the best way to answer the questions of players then I am fine with it :) Thanks for the answers and sorry for questions. enjoy

    Maybe you don't care about pvp in map 1 but there is a lot of ppl doing pvp in map 1 since NW is once a week right? But that's your decision and we can't change it.

    Cure level limit would be nice.
    Budokan I agree we wrote about it 3years ago, but finally it will be good now.

    I also understand if you think it's good like it is now but why no CD on AoS , berserk, fear etc...

    True that what Desired said, some 1 can even make low lvl char to dispel remove and rebuff again.
    And he is immune for next 2min, so no point to even remove that person?

    bro sorry but according to your statements, PVP DOESNT EXISTS in your eyes.

    just ask them to boost ur accont with extra 100 demi so you do dmg.

    no offence but i hope u are trolling XD

    tc <3

    Just tell me because you are so smart how much dmg you do in budokan with your sura? 0? Why did you make dragon tooth blade on wep sura? to spam remove ? It's the only skill that deal dmg xD Well you don't join anymore if I am right since you can't kill healer remove vs heal and you come to say here you deal dmg? Also in raids how much dmg you deal? removed if you play your sura at all or you use sin :)

    When they removed pets players started making damage , so why not to remove costumes as well?
    Still in my opinion damage is low, for example black magic sura with high demi and skill on 20% potion can't make damage at all since you can add 10% res on costume as well.
    Once you make 3x res sapphire with 3x res costume it will be same again, warrior even now can't do any damage removed on a low res, maybe return 300ap bio? That's about opvp .
    About budokan arena I think there is nothing to say. You can go full res no 1 cares if you use magic pots outside how much magic classes make 300 skill? With costume dss and other things?
    Last time we saw 2 sins fight in budokan 1 is dagger 1 is archer ? Dagger sin won with bow no skills how? Is it fun to stay as sin let's say in 1 place and just press 1 to remove poison with fish and face roll space to spam auto attack?
    Oh also this, you can put 3x almost max res class to ''combine'' as you guys said above dss + costume + shild + neck to mix it all so you can get 2k dmg skill and leave like 30 sword res and 10% warrior from bio and use horse so warriors won't make you damage as well?
    In my opinion they have to remove costumes and add back 300ap bio on lvl 96 or 200 and try it out.

    Hahhahahahahh your mom turn off your internet or it goes down cuz its shity so you have to leave or you father doesn't let you on pc anymore?