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    There's just something that I think it's wrong: there is no Fishing Pole +0. The Fisherman (NPC) sells Fishing Poles +1.
    That being said, I'd like to try this out! Thanks, it looks amazing :)

    It only means thats the level required to catch them, if the level is above thats obviously also fine.

    nice system, is looking sick, and that map was all custom made?


    the Map is a custom made map, but it already existed, it wasn't specially made for us, however, it looked so good and perfectly fit into what we wanted and needed, that asking the mapper to create a new one was simply not needed.

    Hello everyone, i just discovered that Strength does not work for AP on a Sura or Shaman the Attack Value does not rise when putting points into Strength. Please fix that stupid Bug.. unless its not a dumb feature...... :dash:

    It's not a Bug, its even explained in a Guide on our forum.

    [MISC] Systems, Functions, Commands and Similar

    Every class gains Status points from their Main stat, meaning as Sura you should raise Intelligence, not strength which is just logical.

    That would kind of get rid of the whole purpose.

    In no Game i've ever played, does Leadership benefit the Leader itself.

    If you are a leader, that means you're good at leading OTHER people, thus benefitting them, which vice versa, benefits you since they help you.

    I'm personally not really a fan of that idea to be honest.

    There's enough you can do to boost yourself, why not help others for once?

    Dear Players,

    here are the Patch Notes for Today, 03/12/2020.

    • Fixed a Problem with the Belt System where it would display the wrong items or none atall in the hotbar if they were in the Belt Inventory
    • Fixed some Talismans which didnt provide the Elemental Damage as supposed to.
    • Fixed a Problem with broadcasted Items where they'd display as Common items with only 5 Stats instead of their Rarity etc.
    • Added New Mounts
    • Partial Christmas Content. Not Public yet.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Hey there,

    a short guide how the Talisman System is going to work, since it'll be a little different from what you are probably used to from other Servers.

    1. The Inventory

    2. The Drop / Upgrading

    3. The Effects and Stats

    1. The Inventory

    You will be able to find the Talisman Inventory on page 3 of your normal Inventory, as you can see in the Screenshots below, you will be able to equip all Talisman at once, not only one.

    Equipping all 6 Talismans of atleast a refinement of +20 will trigger the Wheel Bonus and grant you additional stats.


    2. The Drop and Upgrading

    To keep this tab simple, you will be able to drop the Talisman+0 from various places in SG, to upgrade them you will need upgrade materials as for any other item. You won't need multiple talisman of the same kind for upgrading here.

    Where to drop the Talismans and what is needed to upgrade them, is for you to discover for now though.

    3. The Effects and Stats

    The talisman will give you "Power of Element XY" and "XY Element Resist" as you are probably used to, however, they will not increase your PvM damage.

    The Resist is used to block partial amounts of monster damage but its main purpose it to defend against the powerful S-Skills.

    The "Power of Element XY" stat instead increases your S-Skill damage output and will NOT increase your PvM damage against Monsters of that kind.

    Also, the Talisman have fixed stats which can not be rolled and there can not be stats added to them.

    Thats basically already everything there is to say about this System!

    Kind Regards,


    Excellent the latest updates are fkn amazing. Actually the combo of autopick up and pick up filter, imo, is one of the best systems in metin2 panorama. One question: from what we have seen on discord the pets will now be like mounts, so consequently it will not be possible to switch them in poly?

    Yes that means exactly that. You will have to take a decision wether you want Poison or Mob in poly. This will also bring some more organisation requirements during Dungeon masters etc.

    Dear Players,

    i'd like to present you the patch notes of todays Maintenance, 23rd of November 2020

    • Update for Pickup Filter - it can now Filter Rarity and Common Items
    • Added a System for you to change your Key Layout as you please
    • Added a Talisman System
    • Added Talisman drops
    • Added a Talisman full Wheel Bonus, in case all Talisman are equipped and atleast +20
    • Added a New Inventory System with 4 Different Pages for easier accessibility and design
    • Added the most popular Costumes and Mountskins from Halloween with normal duration and stats (30 Days + 8 Mob/5Mob)
    • Added a Green Effect to HP bars once a Monster is Poisoned for easier recognition
    • Added the Hotkeys F7 and F8 for DSS Sky/Earth Pages
    • Added a Memory to Shopboxes, they will remember last used prices for Items now.
    • Added a System that lets you Quick Sell / Quick Move Items with Ctrl + Rightclick/Leftclick
    • Added a Tooltip that will pop up if Quick Sell or Quick Move is Available, showing how it works
    • Pets are now able to remain outside even after Teleports and Channel Changes.
    • The Sidebar now overlaps the Inventory, so that it'll always be on top.
    • Added a Confirmation request when you sort your Inventory
    • Added the Possibility to Copy Paste and made links for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Metin2SG clickable.
    • Partial fishing update
    • Red Phoenix pet fixed, instead of avg res now gives mob res
    • Fixed Blessing Spell Supreme rank, it now applies the correct effect.

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team

    Dear players,

    in 3 Hours and 30 Minutes from now, meaning 15:00 GMT we will perform a maintenance.

    Due to the fact that theres a lot to do, this Maintenance might even take some hours.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Hey there,

    if it was about the Shopsearch it would be enough to just undercut your competition by 1 gold to go lower than their price.

    These kind of shopsearch work in every game, from WoW to Vindictus even Diablo3 had it for ages, they only removed it due to problems with RMT.

    If the prices are dropping it means the item is less needed or people are just selling it too cheap because they are impatient.

    About the selling, check the Dev Diary.

    I hope you realise that what you suggest here basically means inflating the market with a huge amount of gold, making gold worthless.

    There's a reason we removed that.

    If an Item is going down in price, that means its less needed, its normal for a market to shift, not every price is going down, some are going up. Thats a sign for a healthy market.

    but could it not be made for the dss thing that it turns the dss on and or off instead of just showing them ? i mean i just need to press O to see it my dss....

    We already discussed that internally and checked which buttons are still free, we are looking into simply linking activation of Page1/Page2 to Ctrl + J and Ctrl + K or something like that, as you would need two buttons, there are 2 different DSS Inventories afterall.

    It's pretty difficult to click on a thing that is just in the border of the window. And what will be the problem if the Sidebar is put in the left and people click it accidentally? It only opens the window, it does not trigger any action which can affect the gameplay.

    Right now is pretty inconvenient to have it in the same side as the inventory. Cause for example I play many time with the inventory open and I need to close it first, or move it away, and then I can see the Sidebar if I opened with F5.

    All you have to do is moving it a few centimeters to the side, its not much of an inconvinience. Its just a matter of getting used to.

    And infact, having it on the left side can have people accidentally deactivate or activate the anti experience.

    And who knows which buttons we will add there in the future.