[SYSTEM] Rarity System

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  • Hey guys,

    This Guide's thematic will be the Rarity System (implemented on 23/01/2015) how it works what it does and what its uses are.

    First, lets start with the Basics again.

    Theres 7 different Levels of Rarity which also includes 7 different colors which will be displayed if the Item is dropped on the ground.

    • Common - No extra stat(s)
    • Rare - Only has 1 stat which is always a low roll
    • Precious - Only has 1 stat which is always a mid roll
    • Mystic - Only has 1 stat which is always a max roll
    • Epic - Always has 2 stats which are never max rolls
    • Titanic - Always has 2 Stats which can't both be max rolls but has a chance to have a single max Roll
    • Legendary - Always has 2 Stats, has a chance to be double max roll.

    A little explanation how this System works.

    The stats base on a System with Points, the best example for this are the Titanic and the Legendary Items.

    While they can have the same Stats, the fact wether the first or second stat is high rolled determines the rarity grade.

    As an example,

    These Battle swords have the exact same rarity Stats: 3 Demi-Human and 8 Average Damage.

    However, the Titanic has the maxed out roll in its first stat and the low roll in the second stat

    While the Legendary has the low roll in the first stat and the maxed out roll in the second stat

    A maxed out first stat is worth less points, than a maxed out second stat.


    The Rarity grades base on a point System. Every stat is worth a certain amount of points which will be displayed below.

    Points Required Rarity Bonus 1 Rarity Bonus 2
    Low Roll 1 4
    Mid Roll 2 5
    High Roll 3 7

    Points Grade
    1 Rare
    2 Precious
    3 Mystic
    4 Mystic
    5 Epic
    6 Epic
    7 Titanic
    8 Titanic
    9 Legendary
    10 Legendary

    Rarity items can be aquired through the same ways, common Items can be acquired

    • Dropping from Monsters, Metins and Bosses
    • Gaining them as a reward from a Chest
    • Crafting them at a NPC
    • Adding Rarity stats at the Rarity Alchemist

    Some ways might have higher chance of giving you a Rarity Item than others do, as for now the best example of that would be the Death Reaper and the Blue Death which both have Increased Rarity chance on their Boxes.

    Some general Information and FAQ regarding the Rarity

    • The Rarity stats are basically a 6th and/or 7th stat on an Item and aren't linked to the first 5. Therefore they can't be changed. switchers for those stats are not accessable, meaning once dropped the Item keeps the Rarity it has.
    • The Rarity System allows you to access stats which are usually not accessable via the normal stats such as Ice Res, Dark Res, Earth Res, Skill Res, Avg. Dmg. Res, HP Restore or AVG Dmg / Skill Dmg on Items which usually can't have those.
    • The Rarity Smith on the Demon Tower's 12th floor which appears after defeating the "Blue Death" works like a combination of a Blessing Scroll and the Demon Tower Smith. It requires your Character to be Level 80+, the Item to be max Lv. 60 and to be atleast "rare" or higher rarity. He wont upgrade any Common Items as his name suggests.
    • Rarity Items which are dropped on the ground will be displayed in their rarity grade's color, however, this does not work on chest items. If your Inventory is overflowing, you open a chest and the Item drops on the ground, it will always be displayed white so to be safe, pick it up and check for yourself.
    • Resist against Demi human is a pure PvP stat, it wont work against Monsters that are Demi Human
    • Avg. Dmg Resist and Skill Dmg. Resist works in both PvP and PvM. While skill res works mainly against Bosses, there is a few Monsters which deal Skill damage too.
    • Fire and Lightning Res used to be pure PvM/PvE stats, however, since we implemented the S skills, they can be used to block S-Skills with this Elemental Type.