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    Dear Players,

    here are the Patch Notes for todays maintenance, 25/10/2021

    • Fixed an issue where previously soulbound items couldnt be put into the shop, even when they were already unbound
    • Fixed an issue which made the shopsearch be unable to find a few specific items (like Legendary Super DSS +6)
    • Potential fix where shops would open at random for some players while afk in map1
    • Added Halloween Contents
    • Added Fast Marrige - Right click couples ring to marry
    • Fast Marrige allows Same Sex Weddings
    • Reduced the Movement speed of "Black Panther" and "Jaguar" mounts to match the other mounts

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team

    Dear Players,

    Time for the Spookiest Holliday of them all!

    This Years Halloween Event will start Friday, October 29th at 16:00 GMT+0!!

    It will have a Duration of of 5 Days and will therefore end on 3rd of November.

    During the whole Event there will be an experience bonus of 25%!

    The Event will be divided into 2 categories of events:

    • Game Events

    Throughout all the Map, next to each Metin Stone there will be a counterpart Halloween Metin Stone.

    Please note that you must destroy both the Metin and the Halloween-Stone in order for them to respawn, as a Halloween-Stone will only spawn together with its counterpart.

    These special Halloween Metin Stones have an adjusted drop and you will be able to obtain Halloween Pumpkins from them!

    Halloween Metins:

    - Level 5-60: are identical to their counterparts, but have a medium chance to drop a Halloween Pumpkin.

    - Level 65-90: have slightly altered drops and lowered changer drop rate. However, they have a better piece of Halloween Pumpkin, possibly multiple of them.

    - Level 105-120: have a guaranteed chance of dropping multiple Halloween Pumpkin. However they have altered drops and won't drop Changers.

    A lot of you suggested to include Dungeons into the Event, so thats what we did.

    For the Halloween Event, some specific (not all of them!) Dungeon Bosses will also drop Halloween Pumpkins.

    Dungeons that take part in this Event are disclosed in the following Spoiler!

    During the Event you may obtain different types of Summon Scrolls,

    they should NOT be used near Walls, Safezones, structures or inside dungeons.

    When Spawned, ANYONE can attack them, spawning them is at own risk.

    Additionally, every day, at a random time there will be a Mini Event.

    This Mini Event will be announced in both Discord and In-Game, so pay attention to our announcements!

    • Forum Events

    - Screenshot Contest (Theme: Spookiest Moments)

    During the whole event, every player can send Tary the best and most creative screenshots. The best 4 will be rewarded!

    Word Search Contest

    - There will be a new puzzle to solve everyday which will be posted at 14:00 GMT+0! The first player to solve it everyday will get an Odin's Ring. Remember that you have to send Tary your answer via private message here on Forum. We will not accept any answers given in this thread.

    - Best moments during Halloween Event 2021 (Video Contest)

    During the whole event every player can send Tary videos of their best moments during Halloween Event. The best 4 will be rewarded!

    If you any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know!

    We hope you all enjoy this year's Halloween Event with us!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    -(May be subject to changes)-


    Hey there,

    if you have suggestions generally please make new threads for them instead of adding them in someone elses thread.

    Eitherway, no, Account Trading and Real Money Trades will never come back, no matter how you handle them, Real Money Trades actively kill a Metin2 Server as proven by many different Servers.

    Regarding Dust, he left quite a few years ago.

    Hey there,

    well generally a Black Round Shield isn't really worth it.

    It costs Pearls to make that shield. Lv 21 and Lv 61 Shields cost Clams, so why bother with a Shield that hardly gives any benefit over lv 21 Shields but costs a crapton more to make.

    People dont waste their resources on Items that arent cost effective. Meaning for low level you'll likely only find stuff like for example Lv 29 Shoes, Ebony Earrings/Bracelet, Lv 34/42/48/54 Armor, Lv 30 Weapons etc.

    As for the Income stuff, i can't really answer, but it should be more rewarding to level up nowadays, yes. Atleast that was the goal of one of the recent updates.

    actually I was looking for a guide about which item to pick up, prices and so on

    I am probably not the best person to tell you whats worth to sell etc.

    Though here's a few Basics;

    Rarity Items

    -> You can bring them to the Rarity Alchemist which will scrap them for Rarity ore which can always be sold well.

    -> Decent Items with good Rarity like Ebony Earrings can always make a buck or two

    Upgrade Materials

    -> Stuff thats used for good Poly Marbles [Beast Master NPC]

    -> Stuff thats commonly used for upgrading like Unknown Medicine+


    High Level players need 75 of them for each Hydra ticket they want to craft, so you'll always be able to sell your spares

    Horse Medals

    They are probably not extremely expensive, but people can use them to expand their Mount duration, so i am sure they'll also sell

    I'll link you some guids i'll consider useful

    The use of farming Level 90 Bosses is to get Legendary DSS and potentially higher Clarity Legendary DSS.

    Their Purpose isn't getting Mythic DSS. If you want Mythic DSS you should be doing Meley.

    If you are saying the bosses aren't worth it anymore that means the metin drop rate is slightly too high and should be lowered.

    They idea of selling such items (permabanned) is quite funny and cool yet I highly doubt there are many items worth buying :D

    Well it generally is the same as the Judiciary auctions, stuff that was previously confiscated by the law enforcers, in this case us rather than a police officer or similar, gets sold in an auction.

    The server is online for 12 Years by now,

    I am a GM for roughly 2 Years here and well, when i search for my name in the bann list this happens


    As you can see, i banned 2437 Accounts at this point in time, and let's just say compared to Shadow i look like an Amateur.

    I'm pretty sure that we'd be able to find some stuff, especially because it wouldnt be meant to be done on a daily basis but much rather than a sort of Event.

    Dear Community,

    as mentioned by Shadow on our Discord earlier today, we were considering the option of GM Auctions as it would bring a bunch of benefits into the game.

    For one, it would take out gold in big amounts, which helps keeping the gold value stable.

    For the other, it gives us the option to bring Items into play, that could be Costumes or potentially Items from previously Permabanned players.

    Naturally, there would be a few criteria to those auctions.

    While we consider the option of auctioning some items of Perma banned players, it goes without saying that those people can not be banned for Hacking or similar, the items must still have been earned on a normal and fair way.

    Also, the Player would need to be permabanned without the chance of redemption. Meaning that they have 0 chance of ever being unbanned.

    Before we'd Introduce something like this, we'd like to know your Opinion on this though, as it would be a big step.

    Dear Community,

    there will be a reboot tomorrow to apply some fixes.

    There is no time set for the reboot yet, it will be announced shortly before.

    After that reboot both the Event Item Mall will be gone.

    Bought items obviously remain with you, you just wont be able to purchase any new ones.

    The Cake NPC's will also be gone after that Reboot, so please make sure to do all your crafting before!

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

    I think the Power Mount guide needs an update to the tip section. More newcomers need to know about the availability of the 300 attack value mount and how to obtain it (Master NPC, near Storekeeper: 2x 50 certificates for each Drogor / Chocobo mounts - only the attack value one, upon upgrading to Valiant, can become a 300 attack value mount).

    "Most of the certificates are dropped from every metin in the game, while Dragor and Chocobo are craftable at the Master NPC only, these two mounts have increased stats in case of an Attack Value roll."

    It was already in there though i made the phrasing more pointed towards the increased attack value just now.

    Hey there,

    you basically use the Scroll of Evolution / Mutation like a Blessing scroll.

    A Guide about the Power Mount system can be found here.

    That would make the Event AND the market horribly unbalanced, since lv 25 Metins are far easier to kill than level 90 Metins, everyone would simply go on a low level char and farm map1/map2.

    The low levels are heavily rewarded by the fact that their progress is far far more easy during the event.

    You have double the amount of metins

    -> Double the amount of Changers [On Metins between Level 25-60 that is]

    -> Double the amount of Exorcism/Hermit

    -> Double the amount of Rarity Ore

    -> Double the amount of Soulstones [On Metins 40+]

    Dear Players,

    Hereby i want to present the Patch notes of todays Patch, 07/10/2021.

    • Improved the drop rate of Green Adder/Changer from Metins noticeably
    • Improved the drop rate of Red Adder/Changers from Metins moderately
    • Improved the drop rate of Blue Adder/Changer from Metins slightly
    • Improved the drop rate of Exorcism Scroll / Hermit's Advice from lower level Metins slightly
    • Added the Weapon Drops back to the level 105 Metins in order to ensure a proper flow of Rarity Ore
    • Added Armor Drops to the lv 115/120 Metins for the same reason
    • Improved the drop rate of Thief's Glove & Experience Ring from Metins moderately
    • Adjusted Meley Run rewards [Added new Item 'Mythic Cor Draconis EX' to the Chests]
    • Improved the drop of Jotun Thyrm [Temple of Ochao Final Boss]
    • Improved the drop of Cursed Chief Orc [Orc Maze Final Boss]
    • Added Anniversary Event Content [Inactive untill needed]
    • Added Partial Halloween Event Content [Inactive untill needed]
    • Fixed an issue with White lion having setbacks when running to fast
    • Reduced Hydra Ticket craft cost
    • Reduced the "Key of the Arachnids" craft cost
    • Fixed issues on the "Advanced Search" tab. There were settings put slightly incorrect which had to be adjusted in order to properly function
    • Enabled Couple's ring and Teleport scrolls on Enchanted Forest
    • Doubled the chance to obtain Rainbow Stone from Hydra Chest
    • Added an improved version of the Price saving function to the Shop System
    • Deleted the Teleport Ring quest as the system is outdated, due to the Warp Panel [Teleport Rings also won't work anymore.]
    • Improved Alchemy upgrade rates slightly

    Dear Players,

    There will be a Maintenance Reboot in Roughly 1 Hour.

    The Estimated Duration is 20 Minutes

    Patch Notes will be available once the Server is offline for the Maintenance.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG

    Enchanted Forest Monsters are on my Radar, i nerfed them by a decent chunk but we also nerfed Skill resist, so that factors in on the.. healers? or was it the druids?

    One of which anyhow. Might need to nerf that specific mob a little further.

    As for the fact that you can't see your own items in the Search, that is completely intended. Would kinda suck if you just randomly start buying your own stuff, wouldn't it?

    Dear Players,

    i want to present you the patch notes for the patch of xx/xx/xx

    • Adjusted the Drop of All Metins between level 5 - 120
    • Adjusted the Max HP of all Metins
    • Added more Metins to the Sahara Desert
    • Added more Metins to the Fireland
    • Added more Metins to the Ice Mountain
    • Removed some Metins from the Dark Temple
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in Ghost Forest
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in Red Wood Forest
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in New Red Wood Forest
    • Added more Metins to the Dragonfire Cape
    • Added more Metins to the Thunder Mountains
    • Added more Metins to Bay
    • Added more Metins to Dawn
    • Added more Metins to Enchanted Forest
    • Adjusted the drops of "Yamachon, the Firelord"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Nemere, the Icelord"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Jotun Thyrm"
    • "Adjusted the drops of "Ochao Prince"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Strong Ochao Prince"
    • Changed the Spawn Mechanic of the "Ice Witch" to behave like a normal Boss
    • Increased "Ice Witch" Max HP
    • Increased "Ice Witch" Damage
    • Improved "Ice Witch" Drop
    • Added a New Costume thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Added a New Sash thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Added a New Weapon Set thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Nerfed the Damage of the "En-Tai" Monsters on the Enchanted Forest Map
    • Adjusted the Level of Enchanted Forest monsters
    • Changed the Beta Map Metins Levels, formerly 95-105, now all of them are 105
    • Adjusted the Gnoll Archer's damage type from Melee to Ranged
    • Adjusted the Level of Enchanted Forest Metins, formerly 110 and 120, now 115 and 120
    • Adjusted Ochao Run - It is a Private Run now losing the Invade feature and making moonstones more accessible
    • Added a Ticket requirement to Temple of the Ochao
    • With the Adjustion of Ochao run, Enchanted forest now has 4 Channels
    • Adjusted the "Drop Info System" in order to display rates more generically instead of Numbers that are highly irritating as a player can never actually calculate their drop chance to begin with [Too many hidden factors, too much confusion.]
    • Adjusted Dragon Stone Alchemy System - Skipping and Downgrades do not exist anymore. Therefore, "Antique", "Intermediate" and "High" now need 2 of themselves to reach the next level
    • Adjusted the rates of Dragon Stone Alchemy upgrading
    • Adjusted Orc Maze - Drop rate of Lv 30 Weapons lowered, Boss chest improved. Level 30 Weapons from the Boss chest drop with significant Rarity chance increase.
    • Adjusted Plague Run - Ninjas and Mage Buff are not a requirement to finish the run anymore
    • Gold Crucian Carp, Loach and Perch effect were Changed. Due to this Change, all existing ones were deleted.
    • Improved Blue Death Box [Chances to obtain the Blacksmith Diamond improved]
    • Improved Giant Plague Carriers Box
    • Improved Ice Coffin [Ice Witch Chest]
    • Improved King Spider's Box
    • Ancient Tree Chest altered
    • Bagjanamu Chest slightly Improved
    • Improved King Spider's drop
    • Removed Blacksmith Diamond from Hydra's Chest, replaced with Master Compass
    • Added a phasing effect after reviving so you can phase through Monsters
    • Buffed the "Slow" status effect - Now also reduces casting and attack speed
    • Nerfed the "Skill Resist" stat - is generally less effective now.
    • Added a cap to the "Block physical Attack" and "Dodge Arrow" stats of 60% as they are too strong in both PvM and PvP without a cap.
    • Changed the effects of "Gold Crucian Carp" "Loach" and "Perch"
    • Added "Treasued Weapons" Crafting recepice to the "Master" NPC
    • Added "Key of the Arachnids" Crafting recepice to the "Master" NPC
    • Adjusted the Spider Baroness run - It will now not require the questline anymore, instead, you will require a ticket that is craftable at the "Master" NPC.
    • Added Spider Baroness run to the Dungeon Info
    • Exchanged OX Event questions with Metin2 related questions
    • Reworked the Budokan Event Categories
    • Changed the Rewards of "Bronze Certificate" "Silver Certificate" "Golden Certificate" and "Hero's Certificate"
    • Updated the Mystery Box
    • Fixed a bug which caused the DSS Wheel to be always active and grant the bonus regardless of which DSS are equipped
    • Quest Potion (Bound version) is now stackable
    • Key of the Arachnids is now Stackable
    • Mythic Cor Draconis are now stackable
    • Premium Pack EXP rings are now stackable
    • Spirit Blessing [Both, 50% and 80%] are now stackable and tradeable
    • Rarity Adder and Changer are now Stackable [Rarity Adder remains unobtainable though.]
    • Bear & Panda Chest are now Stackable
    • All Costumes & Hairstyles should now be sellable to NPC vendors in order to make the refunding process easier
    • Replaced the Bound Inventory Expansion ingame with the normal version, also made the bound version trade/vendorable
    • Adjusted a lot of other Items, Quest Rewards are now sellable to vendors in order to make sure you can get rid of them if you have no need for them
    • Adjusted Invisibility & Stealth. Buffs and Sparkles will not be visible anymore, even after mounting or teleporting untill you are visible again.
    • Added a Yang Hide option into the Game Options.
    • Adjusted the Moonlight Chests [S/M/L] and replaced the "trash" drops with their value in gold, essentially keeping the chest rewards the same but less annoying to open.
    • Adjusted "Coffer of Wisdom" [OX Event Rewards]
    • Added a function to adjust your personal view distance for shop names
    • Added a function to completely make all shops invisible

    The New Shop System!

    In Co-operation with the Developer Ikarus we are proud to present our new and unique shop system!

    The Features? Lets go!

    • A completely new and improved Shopsearch
    • A Completely new design
    • An Auction feature! Put up your Items for Auction
    • Bidding on live sales
    • Live editing of shops [Adjusting Prices, Adding or Removing items from open shops
    • A List of shops which will list all shops
    • Open them from anywhere! You can open your shop whereever, it will automatically put a copy of your shop in all 3 Map1 locations in all 4 Channels
    • A list of offers! - You can check wether or not anyone bid on the items in your shop and decide wether you want to accept or decline those.
    • A Shop history! - Displays what you bought/sold
    • Search Patterns - here you can save your common searches and autofill the search system with them.
    • An Auction list - Lists all Auctions