PATCH NOTE 20/02/2023

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  • Dear Community

    Hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, 20/02/2023

    • Items that you place in a trade window will now be marked inside your inventory for you to know that they are already inside
    • Items that you place inside your shop window during creation will now also be marked for you to know that you already placed them inside
    • Removed Meley's Lair Cooldown

    Kind Regards

  • The new filter is in no way complicated, it is just much more detailed and capeable of a lot more things.

    It can do everything the old filter was able to do and a lot more things on top of that.

    If you dont want the new options, all you have to do is disable all except the rarity filter and only filter for rarity and you are good to go.

  • If I wanted to craft vitality ore, I pressed the common option. If not, I marked it. Now you have to click on two screens and check or uncheck several options.

    Maybe it's worth going back to quick access to the most needed options?

    The advanced options are good, but the way to use them is complicated during fast play.

    Picking up potions from level 45 metin monsters cannot be enabled. Picks up red and blue potions, or picks none.