[PATCH NOTES] 19/02/2023

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today 19/02/2023

    • Adjusted the stat names "Immune against Faint" and "Immune against Slow" to "Resistance against xxx"
    • Added the ability to CTRL + Rightclick items in your DSS Inventory to move them into the trade window
    • Added a "Refine All" Button to the DSS Upgrading tab for Class. It will make 3 Attempts to upgrade the Class of the currently selected Inventory (Ruby, Diamond, etc) automatically. It has no regard for Clarity or Level, so using this button will consume any and all of the stones in your inventory.
    • Made it possible to add Green/Blue/Pink/Gold Dragon Beans into the upgrade window via Right clicking
    • Enabled booster Items on Budokan Map
    • Key of the Arachnids is now stackable
    • Level 60 and 80 helmets+5 are now vendoreable
    • Cheap brush is now stackable
    • "Increase HP +x%" now caps at 8000 instead of 3500 making it more useful overall
    • Ancient resist should now be displayed in the Bonus Page
    • After taking PvP Damage you will no longer be able to teleport.
    • Increased the King's Heal ability cooldown from 10 Seconds to 30 Minutes
    • Added a Text Notification via Direct Message when somebody sends an offer on one of your Offline Shopbox Items
    • Recoded the Red Dragon Castle Dungeon. The overall code of the dungeon was adjusted & improved which was neccessary in order to make the Dungeon Ticket tradeable.
    • Recoded Nemere's Watch Tower Dungeon. The overall code of the Dungeon was improved in order to make the teleports between floors significantly faster.
    • When opening a trade window, it will now not remember how much won you traded last time.
    • Ice Run cooldown now starts when the run finishes, rather than when it starts.
    • PvP Sashes now have 5% Critical Damage/Resist instead of 10%.

    Dragonstone Alchemy Revamp.

    1. "Resist against Warrior/Assassin/Sura/Shaman" removed.
    2. Strong vs Warriors moved - Sapphire -> Garnet
    3. Strong vs Sura moved - Sapphire -> Garnet
    4. New Stats added to Sapphire Pool - Demi Res, Attack Speed, vs Bosses

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team

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