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    Hello everyone, i m here to suggest elimination of search shop system from the game.
    I m coming with this idea because the market it`s slowly destroyed by this system, cause every player is looking to sell very fast all the items farmed and that s why the prices dropped like hell.

    I will be thankful if the player will have the chance to vote for this elimination and, will suggest a great cooperating betwen Staff and players.

    Let s discuss this, regards. :thumbsup:

    hi everyone, after i log in, and i move my character, my client crash and that s it what error i get.

    some advice please ?

    hello, i`m selling this beauty 5kqkvDh legendary 5 skill 5 demi human
    Pm with offers on Forum or in game at Gzanu or GzanuGreenShop

    Ghost fang blade stats:

    Slowing chance +8

    Intelligence + 12

    Poisoning chance +5

    Strong against demi human +10%

    Strong against devil+6

    Strong against demi human+5

    Skill damage +5

    Thanks all

    OMG guys , u just don`t get my point, i`m not beginner on this server, i told you i`m playing for 2 years on actual acc, i have an youtube channel, and some players after saw my videos, PM me and told something like that : `` omg bro, what is wrong with that metin and those prices ? how it`s supposed to evolve on this server ? just farming on green and red changers ? there`s no fun after a while``
    That`s the type of PM i got, not once, not twice, i`m sure about at least 10-15 time, and be sure it`s a problem if new players are thinking like that, ``omg bro, those prices are so outrageous``, that`s the point u don`t get, because now you are pretty full equipment and u rule the servers with your prices, it`s a vicious circle based on 2 type of players, first time, low level farming only and ONLY green and red changers, and second type, high level, runing dungeons and sell most important items at high prices.
    I don`t blame on any player, any STAFF or something like that, i just exposed my point of view. -.-

    And all old players just got finished items and level? They never sufered upgrading/rolling?

    We all started from zero. We also spent hunderts of wons and hours farming. There are few guids on forum, you should read them. There is always way to make gold.

    The problem is that you guys want it all over night.

    bro, if you read my text, you should see, i`m an old player, 2 years on actuall character, i`m 95 and full for my lvl, i don`t want to spent more time on farming and something else, i wrote that thread from a beginner perspective, how they are demoralized cause of the prices way to high.
    Like you, i spent hunderts of won and hours farming for what i got, once again, i wrote that from a beginner perspective.

    Hello everyone, i`m here today to tell you, why this server it`s dying slow, but for sure.
    Put yourself in the next scenario: You are a newbie player, first day on Metin2 SG, you log in and you check the market to make an idea about what worth and not, u see pearls, price ? 60-65kk, EACH, you say.``.ok..i`m gonna level up and farm for upgrades and pearls``.
    After 1 week of playing, u have lvl 42, a fms +9 mortal plate+9 and low lvl items like that, all good until now.
    You want to move on, to lvl up 70-75, but you think about items and farming, you have a full low lvl set+9 with HP, and u start farming, and farming, and farming and so on, you save 10-20 won and you think it`s enough to make a BSA+9 and a Poison+9, BUT IT`S NOT ! You lvl up, with thoughts you have enough money, you wake up lvl 70 75, you spent all your money trying upgrading a bsa, a poison, some SCE and other stuff, you run out of money, at lvl 75, because u can`t afford to buy pearls because of the price, because u don`t have where to farm at lvl 75 to make some decent money to buy pearls, because pearls are so expensive, expensive because high level players control the market, one full high lvl player, with a buff, can make easy a hell run, drop flame keys and pearls, and sell them at that outrageous prices, 65kk (wtf brothers?).
    Going back, u wake up lvl 75, with a crap set of items +6, bsa poison, and u quit playing cause u don`t have what to do.
    Why ? because high lvl players control the market, just imagine yourself, in the situation of lvl 80, without decent items to farm red changers, what you gonna do ?
    Quit, right ? I would quit to, because here it`s about CALLAOUSNESS from high lvl players, who want to have advantages destryoing the market with their price.
    Removing the IP Dungeon restrict, was a bad, bad idea, I m a high lvl player, i have eq full, i don`t play anymore because of the CALLAOUSNESS of some high players.
    I don`t want to be rude writing this thread, but you, high level player, u are killing this server, with your money hunger. :)


    Yo brothers, I`m here to suggest a hot/shortcut key for activating page 1 or page 2 alchemy, like Ctrl+Z page 1 and Ctrl+X page to or others key, i`m sure this update will be usefull for many players.
    Thank you and i hope you`ll think about my suggest.

    Hello everyone, i`m back in bussiness after few months, i entered and i saw new moonlights boxes S M L.
    Can someone tell me the new drop and the chance ? Thank you and i`m glad to see you.