PATCH NOTE 27/09/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of 27/09/2022

    • Removed the Chest of Darkness from the Ancient land Bosses.
    • Added Anniversary and Halloween Event preperations
    • Adjusted a bunch of Football World Cup related costumes
    • Updated the way the game handles the Affect Shower Icons [Top left buff icons] They are now ordered in 3 seperate sections [Skills, account buffs, potions]
    • Created a Permanent Bravery cape with increased range
    • Created a "Reset Costume Bonus+" which guarantees you to get 3 stats on your costume/Hairstyle
    • Created Various vouchers for the Wheel of Fortune, which will in future be used at a special NPC which will use said vouchers as Currency for various types of cosmetics
    • Reworked the Ancient Equipment Icons
    • Fixed some Hairstyles which had wrong Icons, Descriptions or Models
    • Adjusted several prices in the itemshop
    • New Itemshop System
    • New Daily Reward System, the old one was removed
    • New Wheel of Fortune System
    • The biologist will now send you a direct message when you can hand him new Items

    Extra Notes

    • Adjusted a bunch of Itemshop things
    • Moved the "Increase of catching rare Fish" buff from the MP section to the Account Buff section for TecPoints.
    • Added a Package of 28 Daily Tickets to the Premium section, they can be used to receive the Daily rewards. Missing to collect a reward on a day resets you back to the beginning.
    • Adjusted all Hairstyles/Costumes, all of them are now 30 Days with the same stats, no more 7 day variants
    • Added the Unlimited Bravery Cape to the Item Mall [7/15 days variants]
    • Added the "Reset Costume Bonus+" to the MP section
    • Moved the Offline Shop Expansion from the TP section to the MP section
    • Added all Dungeon Tickets to the Item Mall
    • All Costumes purchased from the mall from this point onward come with a 1% vs Metins bonus rather than Random stats, naturally it can still be rolled and increased to up to 3 stats.
    • The Gift option does no longer exist

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Changed the title of the thread from “PATCH NOTE XX/XX/2022” to “PATCH NOTE 27/09/2022”.
  • Adjustment Patch 27/09/2022

    • The Wheel vouchers are now tradeable, storeable etc.
    • Sash costumes from mall can be stored
    • Fixed Time Elixir S, it provided the wrong charging value
    • Fixed an issue with the new mall