Tary's Farewell - Thank you for all these amazing years

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  • Hi guys,

    So, I know that some of you have been sending me private messages and rumouring around the server regarding me not being part of this team anymore and I thought I owe you guys, at least, an official farewell.

    As the rumours say, I am no longer part of the Metin2 SG Staff.

    I have to say, it has been some amazing 5 years, almost 6 actually. I have been here since September 2016 and I trully enjoyed everyday with all of you. We had lots'a fun, we laughed, we got mad, we laughed again and we have tons of stories to tell and to remember.

    I will definitely take all of you in my heart and remember everyone with whom I interacted with through all these years. I wish everyone of you a happy life and only good things to come.

    Thanks for the whole staff for putting up with me all these years and wish a super bright future to Metin2 SG with tons of new features and amazing gameplay ahead.

    So, with that I bid everyone farewell.

    Stay safe, get rid of this Covid19 situation once and for all!

    All the best and lots of love,


  • Dear Tary,

    Ever since i started playing, you have always been nice especially to me even when i was breaking rules and explained to me a lot of things and never judged or badmouthed me, and cared a lot for all of us.

    You have always been amazing and the best staff member in my eyes and Sg server won't be same with you gone.

    We have so many memories in game, had many fun moments which are unforgettable, it was a lot of fun having you around and being in events with you was super great, enjoyable and had lots of laughter.

    Thank you for everything you did, you made playing this game really amazing. <3

    Goodluck, Love you forever