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    Apprently if you buy an Costume (mostly Hairstyles) from the Itemshop you can get stats on it which are not rollable.

    Stuff like this:



    Those gives you an unfair advantage for pvm (espacially because of drop chance which scales crazy) and an HUGE UNFAIR advantage for pvp, because if you reach over 90 class res (soft cap) which is only possible with hairstyle you get like +20-30% less dmg

    You can only get these hairstyle with wasting tons of tec-points and thats probably why it wont get deletet, because it takes alot of tec points from market.

    I talked with multiple pvp players 95% of them are for the delete or dont care, espacially i talked with HowHigh Members that got pages of those hairstyle stacked and dont worry they confirmed me that they wont leave the server if their hairstyles gets deletet.

    In 1v1 its mostly about who got the better hairstyle :dash:

    This just makes pvp unattractive in so many ways, because boosters are already expensive enough.. No one want to spend tons of real money or wons for that.

    as comparison bring items like toytop, palm of critical, palm of pierce and so on in itemshop, this will still take enough tec points from the market..


    there was already a suggestion in discord which turned out with a mostly positve feedback regarding the deletion


    also shadow mentioned once that he wanted to delete the stats from all costumes,


    (Air is talking about buying costume adder and changer from general store which is good bcs it acutally takes alot of yang out from the game and everyone can buy them)

    • If engaged into a PvP Situation, mounts are put on a cooldown, meaning you cant mount up.

    I noticed something about this change, you cannot mount down if you receive pvp damage, that means if you get shooted by an archer you cant mount down the whole time without deleting the mount seal out from the slot (which is the only way to bypass this).

    I dont know if its supposed to be like that but, it would be great if you only cannot Mount up because if you get Attacked in pvp you for sure want to Mount Down to defend yourself :D

    So i also want to give my Feedback about the Season Server,

    I used to Played SG in 2017 and its a completly other Server i have no comparison to S1 but the Gameplay changed a lot and also how fast you improve.

    I think the main reason why so many players left the server within the past weeks is that the High Lvl is not well considered.

    If you Level over a good Level to Farm Redwood and are not able to do Erebos or Razador solo you pretty much f*cked up with doing any kind of yang, atleast compared to Redwood.

    Espacially the Christmas Event was a huge disappointment in High Level...

    1. You couldnt drop changers, thief glove and exp ring from the Christmas Metins in lv 90 and lv 95 Map

    The Team said its to prevent overflooding the Market with Changers, but everyone was rolling a poison or 65+ gear at this moment. Changers cost the double and odins the half compared to server one...

    2. Dungeons were useless and had nearly no participe in the Event, i mean i do a Razador and drop 6 Candycanes which i also can make in 1min of Metin farming.

    Also a smaller problem but what was way to underestimated was the expensive price of Blessing Marble and Zen-Bean, this Server is here to make the beginning easier for players and 10kk Blessing Marble and 2kk Zen-Beans simply scare off most of the Players.

    I know that there is Lucys Ring and so on but these things are not existing anymore for the casual metin2 player in 2021.

    If a Player needs to Spend 100kk to add an 5 Stat on his item or 500kk to make a P-Skill he wont be motivated to continue on.

    Or even if a Player loses equipment by a level lower than 50, because SG has its own rule and you lose from 15+ i can swear he WONT Continue Playing.


    Next thing is just the lv 95 Map. I dont get it why you keept the map so hard for the season server, every class besides Weapon Sura was UNABLE to Farm or Level up, HL2 exp over lv100 was also not good so you are FORCED to level there...

    We dont have Alchemy, we dont have Class Resist we nearly have nothing because its a season server and the Map demands everything.

    But now changes on the Map are confirmed.

    Which takes me to next thing. I dont want to to speak badly to the Team, im sure the Team is putting alot work in this Server. But Patches just taking WAY to long, espacially patches like the 95map, this stuff needs to get fixxed fast because you are losing so many players.

    Sometimes HOT FIXXES are important even if its no Dupe-Bug.

    In anyways i think the MERGE of the Season server has to be postponed, this is only way to give it a good end... in my opinion.

    Almost every player uses Amazon because ??? Ye you Right the Great system behind, so why u shouldnt Use a simular system which every1 can recognize with.

    The regular search on Amazon is also random, maybe sorted by Rating + there is no filter to add from cheapest to highest.

    max you can do is filter price from xx to xx but thats not even possible on phone, so i dont get all your amazon comparisons

    So you spent all your day changing prices.

    this is exactly what i was supposed to do before the random shop search update came.

    many players dont realise that EVERY Metin spawns 2x at the moment because of the christmas event and 90% of the people have enough exo, hermit for themself.

    I can tell as a high lvl player that this system made me sell stuff like changers, pearl, DSS, Soulstones etc. way faster.

    First of all, I don't think the "randomize" system will help.. all markets in the world works by lowest price (think Amazon, or others.. do u want to buy the most expensive item, or the cheapest!?).

    Imagine Comparing Metin2 Market with Amazon or online Market Places, at this sentence i stopped to reading.

    Let me compare to something which really makes sense:

    If i compare to other Metin2 Servers Shopsystem, 95% of them also use the random shop search results. Why ? For a reason !

    Dear Player please give it some time, if you get used to it you will love it , trust me.

    For sure you dont sell the Items faster than before, makes sense bcs if you appear on the top of first site for cheapest price you sell faster for sure.

    But i noticed you make more regulary sells and also there barely solo changers on market anymore, everyone is putting stacks which is nice and proofs that the change worked.

    Anyways try to sell your changer in 10x Stacks, btw you even 100x Stacks are selling pretty good !

    If you need fast yang the callchat is always your friend.

    Awesome and needed feature, i also wanted to suggest an ''exact search'' feature which makes it easier to find items.

    For example you type Demon's Gem and hit the exact search option and it will only show you normal Demon's Gem and not the Demon's Gem+.

    I mean by ''Players'' Name but not from A-Z,


    What i mean was that as you can see, it shows me the Items the Player ''Cudzio'' is selling in a row instead of spreaded on multiple Pages, which would be way better in my opinion.

    This is what random means infact. Someone has to come on the first page and someone on the last page.

    Sure thats true, but if each player would be shown a different first page after searching it could work better and there is a bigger chance that people could sell their items imo.

    First of all i want to thank Shadow for the fast change, which shows that the SG Team obviously cares about his community and listen to his community.

    Even tough im a HUGE Fan of the randomized shop search update, I see a small problem in the new System and also an easy and quick fix to make it work way better:


    1.)As you can see on the Photo EVERY PLAYER sees the same Site and also the same first page, which means if you are lucky and appear on the first page you're going to sell your items way faster than others, if you unlucky and on the last page you will struggle to sell items.



    2.) The second thing is that the Items are ''sorted'' by Name, if you put 10 Exo in Shop it will show them in a ROW and all on the SAME Page, which can be good and bad but in most cases, when you dont appear on the first page probably bad, since your items only appear on one site instead of on multiple sites.

    My suggestion would be, to randomize it completely.

    1. Instead of showing every Player the same sites and same ''randomized'' results it should ''dice'' the shop search results at every refresh (or Channel change, Teleport etc. idk how far its technically possible)

    2. Instead of listing Items from the same Player in a ROW split them on multiple pages ''dice'' them completly random spread over several sites

    I also think that a few people may understood this thread wrong.

    It is not about that ALL Items are randomly listet, its just about that when u search for an Item it dont show you the cheapest price.

    The search for an item stays, the only change is that instead of sorting from cheapest to most expensive it shows you randomly and not sorted.