Season Server 10.12.2021

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  • Dear Community,

    as i've already heared a lot of rumors and confusion about the new Season Server, here's some clearification!

    The Launch date will be the 10th of December. 15:00 GMT!

    You will need to download the new Client from the Season Server website and register a new Account which can already be done!

    In case that you use the same ID / Username as on the Main Server, we will have to add something to the Name once the Merge happens [Like a S2 or similar].

    As a little Christmas Gift we decided to grant everyone a free Month of Premium on our Season Server so make sure to register in time before the Server Launch!



    Registration & Download

    Season Server Specific Changes!

  • Will this season server be a one time thing or will it happen more than once? I thought it would be cool if it can be kind of like a competition to who completes all the achievements first gets a bigger prize (maybe large amount of tps) and the requirement to be declared the winner can change every season, and its not something that anyone else is doing right now so it'll be sure to attract a lot of eyes yo SG.