The real "raid", not 5 minutes of cuts

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  • So i watched one video posted recently by some guy and i couldn't believe it.

    I mean come on, i was there and he calls this raid ? From 1 hour you show me 5 minutes of cuts ?

    Where are those other 55 minutes ? Show me at least the scene where you get 2 skilled by archer.

    Some people already know how fake and biased are his videos, now others will find out too.

    Keep it clean ! It's only pvp, no insults no flame .

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  • i love the fact how you guys feel your self while having Lillyame in Group and she spamms evry 20 seconds king Heal when some one goes on 50% hp

    no need for flame now i just see *** and uploading a video like that not even showing your skill bars so we dont see your makro :D

    man pls ***

    Its a shame really man you guys show how *** yellows are Zulrah on a low healer lillymae king in group

    Geting buffs from safezones and come fights

    having always 2 3 healers in raids i mean come on how TryHarding are you people? Push Talks about an archer dude we play evry raids 7on12 or 7on10 amk its just stupid uploading something like this it shows how dumb your brain is panic :D

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  • Is easy. Report and Dislike that shit so it gets removed from yt :) And you know what’s a shame? Having spend 10k $, 8 years, abused all kind of events for literally years, shared 10 accs, 1000 items and 2 family members and being still a weakass who gets 2 shot lel. 2 S H O T

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.

  • You know there is one song by Justin Timberlake i am sure you know it.

  • I don't understand the hate about healers and king powers....

    Why should i have fought when as King i can sit in safe and just heal... The king is there to help their nation... Healers are there to help their nation. I've seen it done with blue kings and other yellow kings too. Its a strategy that just seemed to work. Good job yellow :beer:

  • Zulrah on low healer ayy lmao. Excuse him for not sharing items accounts and family members like you do :), not playing 13/24 and spending 500$ month ayy lmao. What can I say. Keep buying keep sharing maybe you’ll be good some day.

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.