Natural Disaster - December (Sat, Dec 17th 2016, 6:00pm - 7:00pm)

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Natural Disaster - December

Sat, Dec 17th 2016, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

  • The epic natural disasters are coming back to Metin2 SG next Saturday, December 17th @ 18:00 GMT!

    TYPHOON, EARTHQUAKE & VOLCANO are going to swept across your worst nightmare! Be prepared for Team Disasters as they enter your virture world to leave you a horrible & excruciating pain you can never forget.

    On Saturday, at 18:00 GMT, the mighty guilds in this server may send 5 of your best heroes to challenge the A Team known as Disasters. Members of Disasters are Typhoon, EarthQuake & Volcano.

    A brief introduction of Disasters as follows:

    • Typhoon - Level 104 Lightning Mage
    • EarthQuake - Level 103 Body Warrior
    • Volcano - Level 105 Black Magic Sura

    Members of Disasters are heavily armed with super godly pawnage equipment which can rip open your small little crack and leaving you sore fingers while hitting aggressively the hot keys on your keyboard.

    Challengers may come forward to taste your ultimate defeat. The objectives of the event as follows:

    • If your guild can achieve 10/100 kill count, each members will walk away with a Blessing Marble, Blacksmith's Memo & a Hero Certificate.
    • If your guild emerge with the most kill count, each members will walk away with 100,000,000 gold, a Wiseman Memo and a Breath of Blue Dragon.
    • If your guild can defeat the mighty Disaster (which obviously is mission impossible), each of your members will receive 300,000 TP and 60,000 MP.

    Each Kingdom (Asmodia & Elgoria) can only send a maximum of 5 best guilds. GM Team will decide which are the participating 5 guilds from each kingdoms through a Board Discussion.

    All participants will get a Blessing Scroll and Liutao.

    In this competition, you can use all kind of potions, including those available from the Item Mall. However, no horse is allowed. Members of Team Disasters will only fight the challenger in the center of the guild war arena!

    Plan your war strategy now and get ready for the ultimate battledome of NATURAL DISASTERS coming to YOU!!!

    To register, answer to this thread with the name of you Guild and Kingdom.

    Kind Regards,
    Metin2 SG Team