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    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present todays Patch Notes of the 11th of June 2021

    • Fixed the Spawn timer of bosses/metins, they shifted the longer the server was online.
    • Prevent the use of Aura / Enchanted blade bug [Cast it on your Hand]
    • Unclickable / Phaseable NPC's to avoid having players being bothered by pets during PvM/PvP

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    50-50 that’s why there will be no change? Makes nosense while as u can see on the pic more ppl didn’t wanted the dss change and u still made it. Sounds abit weird to me tbh

    There were 26 in favor for a change, 18 which werent in favor for a change.

    Except that the DSS change was something neccessary and in fact, if you guys want beginners to actually start playing the first thing we should do is delete all DSS and rework the entire DSS system, which is, unfortunately, not a possibility as that would make 90% of the existing playerbase outright quit so it wont happen, don't worry.

    Reducing the amount of Soulstones does a lot of things.

    -> Reduces the prices/value of soulstones

    -> helps people who are level 100+

    -> Causes massive inflation when it comes to soulstones as there are a shitload on the server and significantly less will be needed

    -> Harms every beginner who tries to make some money off of metin drops as its currently one of the more valueable drops

    As for you, Zeus

    As you already said, shadow said it will be "under a different Spectrum" than SG, which in clear terms means that its not going to be a oldschool style Server and be unlikely to attract the same playerbase as SG does. Your argumentation would only work if we'd open SG2Global again. Claiming that people left due to the reality of us working on a second server is simply not correct though. Maybe 1-2. The playerbase seems fairly stable during the last two weeks, so that claim is simply not correct.

    While you are correct that people do not want to spend a lot of time into metin2 anymore, what you also have to realise is that there is basically only 2-3 things on SG that actually do take time, one of them being DSS, one being S skills and the last one being PvP equipment.

    If there is too much to do, the people won't do it and quit. If there's too little to do, they'll do it in 2 weeks and quit because they are done.

    From my experience the PvP Community of metin2 as a whole is just not as big anymore, especially not on oldschool style Servers, making S skills easier to obtain wont make anyone do PvP it just means they'll rush Aura S and do more PvM and on top of that beginners will have a harder time. Realistically speaking, the S problems are neither the problem nor the solution.

    I voted to keep as it is now but I didnt know staff was working on a new server.

    So my vote now is yes, reduce the amount.

    There will be no point on keep this if many ppl will leave for the new sv.

    As shadow already said, the new server is not like SG so they arent in competition to each other. That fact shouldn't influence your choice here atall but eitherway, reducing the amount of soulstones is a completely contraproducitve thing to do as it will just hurt all the beginners.

    Realising that the vote is literally 50-50, that means its not only bad for beginners but also not as liked by the existing playerbase to justify such a change.


    while testing and even now i can't reproduce your issue.

    Its generally connected to your connection to our server.

    If you move while changing channel it sends a lot of packets, if your connection isn't all that great, you disconnect.

    Generally what you suggest can't be done though.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, the 26th of May 2021

    • Channel Changer is now Instant
    • Heaven's Lair 1&2 now require Level 80 to enter
    • White Flag can only be used once every 180 Seconds
    • The duration of the "Grilled Loach" effect is drastically reduced
    • Metin and Boss Respawn mechanics were altered. [For Details check Spoiler.]

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2 SG Team

    Hey there,

    hereby i want to present the patch notes of todays Patch 12/05/2021

    • Increased the Won Limit in Shop-/box, Trades and Inventory to 999
    • Improved the Dragon Mage skills "Inferno" and "Dragon Roar" to make the S-Skill animations look smoother and made the Animation last a bit shorter so it doesnt look as weird when a Mage turns after casting Inferno

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team

    You won't need a Healer unless you actually want to play one.

    It doesn't give you any Attack Value as that hardly makes any sense, the Lightning Mage grants Magic Attack Value with its buff.

    Sin's are benefited by the fact that Bows give a way bigger Attack Value than any other weapon, thus dealing quite a lot more damage in Poly marble than anyone else, mages are better off defensive and are their own buffers.

    A Sin could do the Plague run, though they still need to be buffed they are capeable of destroying the plagued eggs, which no other class can do.

    Dear Players,

    hereby i present the Patch notes of today, 04/05/2021

    • You are now able to choose your Education (Class) via the "The Education" Quest from whereever you are. You wont need to go to the NPC's anymore, though that is also still possible.
    • Passive skill added that is used to increase your Skill Duration
    • Skill Duration Books added to the game
    • A Wheel of High Mythic DSS Bonus added to the game [10% Bonus]
    • A Wheel of Superclass Mythic DSS Bonus added to the game [20% Bonus]

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team

    Hey there,

    1. Imo warrior is better in low level, sura is slower/weaker but tankier, this tankyness doesn't help you atall because low level doesn't really deal any damage.

    2. Int -> Dex/Vit. Str only increases your skill damage a bit so skill that one last if you arent going for PvP atall.

    3. I think lv 62 is better than 55 as you can wear the Soul Crystal Equipment and maybe even a lv 61 armor / Lv 61 Shield at that level. You can gain a lot of damage increase at that level and it still leaves Temple, Sohan, Fireland and the 3 Forests open for farming.

    4. Alchemy becomes way easier to take care off after you hit level 90 due to the fact that the Bosses on the Dark Dragon Maps drop higher DSS Cor's. Maybe buy a Minor Dragon Ruby with Avg/Atk but thats all you have to worry about.

    5. It really depends on your focus. For metins you really wont need skill res. Avg Res or HP Restore is more than enough for the general monster. Skill res is indeed helpful against most bosses and in higher level against a few monsters like the Eternal Flying Skull. [DT 11th Floor]

    6. They are doable Solo, though, you can't expect to do them without pretty good equip. Suras generally have a hard time doing them solo as bosses usually have a lot of Sword Resistance and Suras have no choice other than Swords. You will need a high poly skill, Undead/Devil [depends which of the 3 runs] Skill Res, Instant HP Potions. There's guides for all Runs in the Official Guide Category.

    7. The Item can be dropped from Yamachon, most people probably know him better as Razador i suppose. You can upgrade any Stones from +3 +4 +5 to +6.

    8. Green Potions are an alternative drop. There is some Low Level boss chests that give Big Green Potions too [I believe that the Flame King might drop a stack of 20 at a time in his chest if you are lucky.] Shoes & Helm can be switched for 8%. Generally you also get quite a lot from the Hunting Quests

    The Costume which is obtained by the Mubarak Chest is a Permanent Costume.

    The Permanent Costumes do not have stats though.

    The Cosmetics that are sold in the Item Mall during Ramadan Event are going to be Temporary Costumes with Stats, if they are well liked we always have the possibility of adding them to the normal item mall roster as a 30 Day or Perma [non statted] version.

    Nice patch!

    Finally there won't be that many problems with making shops (I hope ^^).

    And the filter for names of items and name chars/mobs = amazing for ppl with crap pc like me xD.

    PS: the Azrael change was unnecessary imo, now one can kill it from mount -> no need of poly -> poly marbles = a bit less valuables and useful

    People were already doing it from Mount, but they stuck it on the Throne / Wall so they often got kicked into a wall by Gahnasel and called it a bug.

    Maybe you want to re-check the situation.

    There was not a single video Posted even a day after yours.

    There were 4 Participants and 2 of them posted before you, one a few hours after you, there were no late entries. You finished third, because it was the third best video out of these four.

    The Sacrifice daily quest from the NPC Yang-Shin is no longer available in the NPC menu. Last time i did the quest 24 hrs ago, so I assume it is a bug brought by this patch.


    no that isnt a bug.

    We removed that quest due to all the bugs that came with it.

    The Quest was created by the old team as far as i know and was riddled with flaws.