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    Limit drop, certain monsters can only drop items if your characters have reached a specific cap of level. It is affected by the relationship of your level and the enemy level, but even if you are overleved, you can still drop, much lower of course. The best examples are heaven's lair or Spider Dungeons. The gloves or server rates doesn't work on this type of drop.

    So this is for drops like poison swords and all items that need lvl 80 or 85 at least in hl?

    For alchemy stones too? For example in lemures to drop alchemy one need lvl 90.

    When you have the store from storekeeper open and you leave some distance away, server throws you down and you need to relog.

    What should happen here? Simply the store need to close when you leave away some distance from storekeeper.

    This happen too with the shopbox from itemshop when you use it like store (when you already put it in city like a shop to sell your things this bug don't happen).

    Another thing is the price in alchemy when you upgrade the stones. For example from rough to cut I think it was 30k yang(?), but actually is 50k and so on with all.

    Don't know if I can ask here but well, here is my question. Is about this.

    The main goal is to farm the most number of tickets? Like, every ticket has a number (don't know cause i couldn't play yet)? For example I get a ticket with number 22, I drop it and get another with number 40. And so on. And at the end of this first round will be a lottery, and all numbers I got are like tickets of lottery?

    - A special Forum Lottery will be running during the 9 days, in which people can send up to 10 different combinations.

    You can send the combinations in my Wall or via Private Message. I will not accept any combinations sent in this thread.

    Also about this. What are the rules? I mean, a 12345 combination like this is good? Or a 12345678910? How many numbers for each combination?

    Hi, i have some questions.

    -What is the use of the Curse Rings? They are like chests and give you some item when you use a Magic Wands on it?

    -How is exactly "near" the monsters for the Summon Scroll? I mean the range. And, other thing, it only can be harmed if one has that special pet? I mean, I can't buy that pet for example, then I can't harm that mob?

    P.D: sorry for my English, I'm not native.