[PATCH NOTES] 01/04/2024

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the patch notes of today 01/04/2024

    • Rework of the Attack speed formula. You will now deal a little bit less damage, but attack speed now works perfectly untill 230 attack speed meaning you connect hits much more frequently and thus your general damage output is the same or higher than before.
    • Added the Easter Event content
    • Added the Mazarif Ruins dungeon as part of the Easter Event
    • Added the Midnight Forest dungeon (Not yet available for players)
    • Added 2 New Wheels of Fortune. One for 4000 Tp, one of an Item-Ticket obtained via the event. The Costume sets obtained from these wheels are also available to drop from their respective dungeons (Mazarif Ruins + Midnight forest) though the Midnight forest is not yet available to be played.
    • Added Easter Item Mall items
    • Fixed a bug in the game that made it impossible for Metins to have more than 2 visual effects active at once. This now allows you to for example see when you poisoned them (Was always possible, just not visible)

    Kind Regards

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