PATCH NOTE 06/06/2023

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of Today 06/06/2023,

    • Nation War Reworked. Participants of the Winning team now get Individual Rewards
    • New Nation War Map
    • New Nation War Rewards
    • Reworked "Coffer of Wisdom" (OX Reward)
    • Rarity Items now have a colored dot which makes it easier to determine which rarity it has without hovering the Item
    • Items with Rarity now have their Names colored in their respective color inside the Shopsearch
    • Mining should now continue untill the Vein despawns and continuesly drop Ores every now and then
    • June Battlepass Added
    • Client Performance improved significantly
    • Like the other Ancient equipment, the Ancient Bracelet is now not vendoreable anymore

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team