PATCH NOTE 27/03/2023

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  • Dear Community

    hereby i want to present todays patch notes of 27/03/2023

    • Added Easter Content for tomorrows Event
    • Added Easter Item mall Items for tomorrows Event
    • Added the "Spring Sanctuary" Dungeon int othe game as part of the Easter Event, which can be accessed via the Easter Rabbit NPC in Channel 4 of your own Map1
    • Added a Temporary Easter Wheel of Fortune for 3000 TP per spin
    • Added a Temporary Easter Wheel of Fortune, which uses a ticket obtained in the Spring Sanctuary Dungeon to spin
    • Added the Basic, Premium and Event Battle Pass. Start and ending dates can be seen on their respective tabs.
    • Added a Solo option for the Demon Tower
    • Added a new Bonus List page which is more detailed
    • Updated the Character window (C Button) to be more detailed and informational