NEW player Altavar

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  • good evening to all of you guys,

    My name in Roberto, I am italian just arrived to this server, I have heard good things about it and looking forward to start this new adventure and, why not, making new friends along the way.

    See you in game and GG to everybody ( sorry for the English XD)

  • actually I was looking for a guide about which item to pick up, prices and so on

    I am probably not the best person to tell you whats worth to sell etc.

    Though here's a few Basics;

    Rarity Items

    -> You can bring them to the Rarity Alchemist which will scrap them for Rarity ore which can always be sold well.

    -> Decent Items with good Rarity like Ebony Earrings can always make a buck or two

    Upgrade Materials

    -> Stuff thats used for good Poly Marbles [Beast Master NPC]

    -> Stuff thats commonly used for upgrading like Unknown Medicine+


    High Level players need 75 of them for each Hydra ticket they want to craft, so you'll always be able to sell your spares

    Horse Medals

    They are probably not extremely expensive, but people can use them to expand their Mount duration, so i am sure they'll also sell

    I'll link you some guids i'll consider useful