EASTER SALES 50% Tec Points

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  • Dear Players,

    from today 6th April for 72 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. Please be aware that on the external sites the displayed tec points won't have displayed the 50% bonus, but you still receive the bonus once the points are credited in your account.

    Also, to reward our most loyal customers and supporter, the 3 player who, during these 72 hours, purchase more tec points, will receive a Rare Add Scroll and a Rare Change Scroll.

    • For privacy purposes and to avoid any kind of heavy gambling issues, we will not disclose any informations regarding the winner or the highest amount purchased, not during the promotion, not after.
    • The rewards will be delivered within 48 hours after the end of the event. We will look for the players so please try to not fill our mailbox or tickets with requests.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

  • It is kinda sad when you payed like 200 bucks last week and now this event comes up outta nowhere...

    than you are new to sg, otherwise you would have known, that mostly around them big events ( easter, summer ( anniversary event ) halloween, christmas ) ther is a tec point sell

    (coming from a guy, that dont spend money in metin2 ^^)