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    i dont know how many times i said that xD

    but.. low lvl can make good gold

    just get earrings 20% drop bonus and silver brac

    lvl 25-30 char, farm spider web and eyes, and sell the polymarbles

    easy gold. probably ( depend on luck ) i would say 20-50kk a hour

    + on hunters hours, you can make like 200-250kk in 1h ( ok event is only once a month, but still ... )

    fishing? clams have worth, if you can fish with 3-4 chars same time, ( need some practice if you never did fish on metin ) and a bit luck, you ca nmake just with fishing 30-70kk a hour ( fishing extravaganza is a good event, ther you can win like 20-30kk just for fishing a hour with 3-4 chars + if you l ucky and win event you get fish pole +10, have a lot value too )

    -forum event once a week

    - ox event you can win 5k tp each round ( thats damn easy gold )

    - mining ( diamond ore or refined as diamond always can be sold )

    new players, low lvl dont have it hard

    skills can be read all 6h

    horse take a few hours

    hermits doesn't cost really much

    making bonus in equipment is easy af too

    at beginning dont need to waste gold for equipment with 6/7 bonus

    5 bonus equipment is enough, to have a good farmer

    can you remove the boss monsters after event?

    or give them a better drop, so atleast someone farms them

    they ruin not only my farming in desert, i/we need the third ch!

    ( with my chars, i can kill maybe thiger ghost and others, but not 90 map bosses and etc... )

    i never read such bullsh.t

    make a lvl 25 char and go farm in desert

    1h, is like 50kk+, with the new prices like now for polymarbles

    its even more

    its the players own fault if they stick to metin farming, instead of checking out that polymarbles is the best money source for low lvl

    if i had more time and wouldn't be lazy, i could make easily everday with no problem 500kk just with polymarble farming

    every newbeginner could do that.

    server lack people thats the problem.

    you can deny it or not

    even though low lvl is easy due farming polymarbles spider ( craft ) or map2 changers, or red changers up to red wood an d90 map

    but still, without players is no fun

    What I suggest is to change number of pieces. Alchemy right now is only viable as end-game activity. I think it would be more appealing to lower levels if it was properly introduced for new players.

    For example a player could get special bound to character alchemy that would show a player a benefit they get if they bother because right now a lot of people don't even know it exists, at least from what I asked new players. Also changing number of pieces for 2 globally from rank to rank would help too.

    This way you don't need to change % chance to success and you could make alchemy more viable for everyone.

    such bullshit, everyone knows alchemy exist, only here since last update you gotta drop it on different places ( thats what the people dont know, ther you are right )

    i gave up on alchemy long time ago on sg, after i saw how terrible crap the upgrading is

    its a joke seriously, even cl1 cost unbelievable much, and then too think ther exist cl5 , lmao

    better not waste lifetime of new players for a 99% failure thing that will make them frustrating

    the post creator is definetly right, atleast make it till antique or legendary cl1 more success

    and not 0.1% or what it is set up at the moment ( and before someone say " its all about luck " ya ya go upgrade alchemy and come back )

    You guys talking about "youtubers/streamers" but i meant to use players that are currently playing on this server for a long time. There are plenty of them. Accualy i think that on this server, most active players are end game players with 75+. If there would be any "reward" for showing this server on youtube that would last for idk, 1-3 month like cool costume or icon next to the nickname... Anything that players would allow to feel special, like hero (more or less xD) I dont know how to explain this - i just belive in psychological way of rewarding.

    Guys, target of any "advertisement" of this server are "old" m2 players, not totally new because they don't even take a look on this old game. We must create the healthy look of this server and what place is better than youtube?

    At least, it worth to try. :hmm:


    ex players, ex old players will definetly not come back

    no need to try on that, a. they are bored, or B, they just dont play metin anymore or have already other server playing

    Excuse me, friend, but telling that there are some more important things to be fixed before the priory of "pony on heroin" is not a comment from a crybaby, is just the opposite.

    Now, enjoy the game.

    Have a nice day.

    lmao, he didnt say that from beginning

    + i saw that argument on other servers too

    and honestly its a lame excuse :D

    small things like this the team can fix fast

    since they are not some new noobs, i can bet.

    while working on other " important" things still can go on.

    Nothing new, for you everyone is "narrow-mided" who does not share same opinion as you or your friends.

    Anyway, with some practice you can also be narrow-minded. Oh wait.. nvm.

    Have a nice day guys.

    nope, that won't work your jumping on the train " the others are the bad one "

    we want just some improvement of the game

    and you are strict against it, without any reasons

    and claim that its your opinion, lmao

    you just against it, to be against something

    not more or less.

    its so easy now to make a good low lvl farmer

    skillbooks all 6-8h means dont need much gold to waste for exorcism scorlls

    ther are many easy ways for new ppl to farm, desert for spiderpolymarble crafting at that npc in map1

    green changers in map2/lvl 40-45 metins

    and in shortest time as new player, you are already able to make decent gear for a good lvl 35 farmer

    only skills will take a lil bit to make g-P

    Yes you are right we lack players and honestly i want him back because he is my favourite victim :saint:, but i have a better idea :
    he always said he is rich guy and no one can compete with the money he earns in Germany, therefore he should start new char put $$$$$$$$ and in 1 month voila he is back even stronger who knows. Also it brings many benefits to the market economy;).

    people talk here about he have a bad attitude

    but some others here aren't anything better

    he had the guts to apologize

    90% of you people who complain here

    would never do something like that

    cause you aint a real Man

    and no im not a friend of that 2,5cm guy

    lmao, people should beg the team for him to be unbanned

    lack of ppl in metin2 is big, here extremly

    so every player here is needed.

    and if he changed his cancer attitude, why not?

    after this long ban, he wouldn't act like that again

    unless he really wants then again a permaban without any chance for unban

    so ye, give him a second chance.