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    Dear Community,

    As some of you may know I recently had my 1 year anniversary at 25th of march.

    This day marks the day where i realised its time to move on.

    One of my idols always says "what ever you do, you have to go all in." and thats exactly what i am going to do now while chasing my dream.

    It was a lovely time and i am very grateful that i was given this chance.

    A big thank you to Shadow, Tary, Null, Dulaan and you, the community. It was a pleasure.



    so discussing is considered spamming here? I thought thats what this forum stands for

    I'm not refering to the discussion but to the people who spammed the shoutbox with stuff like "Server 2 Hype" or simply behave toxic in this thread towards everyone who does not share their opinion.

    You are free to discuss as long as you arent insulting or provoking anyone, which is unfortunately the case with some people in this post.

    If i'd consider the entire discussion spam i would have simply closed this thread, which you can see, is not the case.

    The thing i consider spam is the negative behaviour towards others which is entirely off topic, not the discussion by itself.

    All my post was supposed to make clear is that the poll is what's going to decide the outcome, so there is no reason to bash your heads in and be so negative towards one another.

    Hey there,

    your shop will be unkillable inside of the safezone, thats what this zone is existing for afterall.

    There is no reason to make a rule against killing shops, if there is already safety measures against it.

    Also IronMikeTyson - is there any reason you had create 3 posts in order to write 3 sentences? In the future, please make sure to edit your posts instead of constantly creating new ones.

    Hey there,

    There is absolutely no reason to discuss atall which kind of server you want.

    As stated by us multiple times, you will have the opportunity to vote for/suggest such kind of things at the poll aswell.

    if people want the exact same again, we'll see that.

    If people want something new, we'll see it aswell.

    No reason to bash your heads in about this topic as it will not be decided by spamming the Forum.

    Hey there,

    The languages provided in our client are the ones, which have the biggest player base. Chinese is not one of them i suppose.

    Translations like these are a lot of work and it is also to be considered that no one of our Staff members speaks chinese.

    Since you continuesly tag random people i'll close this Thread.

    Hey veleciraptor ,

    I completely disagree on that to be honest.

    Joining the Helpers, in my eyes, should be out of a passion for helping players and supporting them not because you want to be paid.

    I'm not saying Helpers dont deserve payment, if they do good work i see no problem in giving them an appropiate payment or similar but i dont believe that should be the main drive for a helper.

    So if someone asks in this Thread "how much is the payment" i personally have to say i dont believe he'd/she'd be fitting eitherway.

    As for the point of lowering your farming revenue by answering questions i disagree on that aswell.

    How do you lower your revenue when you just type like everyone else does aswell?

    Put a dot instead of a spacebar in your messages and you dont even need to stop hitting or simply use the autoattack to attack Metins you dont have to lower your efficiency by a lot, if atall.