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    on that number 4, the monsters do become invisible, if you stay in the same spot then the monsters keep damaging you while you can not attack or see them, and if you move a bit they will appear and thus be able to attack them.

    I don't see why this would be an issue to add into the game.I have played servers in the past that you were able to marry same gender characters so it's absolutely do able. This community is only so big and sooner or later there wont be any more options but to step into new territory. Alright jokes aside this would not be an update that would hinder the game in any way, so I don't see why the objections, and some people just prefer the look of certain genders on certain characters, so why not give them the option to play the way they want to. The team has already added new costumes to the game, which is pretty much the same concept even if certain people don't want to accept it, but visuals are a big part of any game.

    Thank you,

    I write this message today with blurry vision as I share the story of a true lion. I remember 1 day I was farming in the forest when I heard a small kitten saying meow meow and I wanted to know who it was so i asked "who .... r u?" Then as i proceeded to approach this kitten i realized we don't speak the same language, so i decided to take him under my paw so one day he can answer my question. After showing him around the forest and watching the lion king movie multiple times a day with him i noticed the growth that i wanted to see from this future lion. Suddenly everyone in the kingdom noticed when he roared and all stood in silence as they listened to be able to laugh and learn from him. As the days passed i could no longer recognize who he was as we weren't only witnessing a lion in the making but a lion king being awakened. I knew it was time to ask the question again as i would be able to get an answer this time, but as i was about to ask he stopped me and asked me.. "who .... r u", and at this moment i knew that the roles were now reversed and i was now but the kitten. I was so proud to see my student surpass me and words could not describe how happy i was, but suddenly i noticed after waking up that this lion was nowhere to be found and the words that were said to me as i was looking for him would stun me. After putting on my language ring to understand the PM that Hecthor had sent me it stated that he had moved on to a new forest, one where he would be able to focus on new things and plan for his future for a better life, this was the first time i had ever felt happiness and sadness all in one. We will always miss you TheGreyBeard. (Sad face). Where ... r u!!

    I can see your first idea being decent with a few tweaks... What if there was 2 options before entering a dungeon, one would be the Current system where u can enter with multiple accs with the same ip and same reward system thats currently in place, and the second option would be with IP restriction where ur idea of the reward system is implemented, that way people who want to solo with their main and their buffer arent screwed over and it avoids people spamming with multiple accounts. Also if they do go that far even though it probably wouldnt be too popular with the metin community there would be many ways to get around the IP block which would probably have to be banable if found out by the team.

    this has always been an issue lol just not one worth mentioning since blade can be turned on and off as u desire. would still be nice to see it fixed anyways

    just do it slowly cus i dont like it too fast hihi

    Dont get me wrong I love using boosters too but you shouldnt be forced to use them and waste money to compete with people that have lower lv items and hit less than u to win lol

    let me put it this way aswell though, caffelatte who has been in the game for 2-3 months, can get 240k points in 1 week while you are talking about 270k points from a veteran who uses boosters and high end items.... doesnt add up to much fairness to me. sure shes awesome but AOS is awesome too let him get some easy points too huehue. Also being able to get points from 110 and 120 metins would be nice too ;p

    U dont need farm more metins with high lvl, i make 3000-3500 points in 30 min with warrior lvl 91 only killing 100 lvl metins and i make same points with lvl 80 char only killing 90 metins. U can win easy hunter ranking by farming in cape maps, just make lvl 95+ and improve your damage, stop complaning about points, they are ok.

    The thing is you're a veteran of the game and should be getting more points due to your items, but my goal is that I want get more players involved and to do that you have to give everyone an equal chance,which is not the case by the way points are distributed. I have tested the points/hour myself on different levels of metins and even at a higher level i still claim more points on level 90 metins than 100-105s. I dont know about yourself but I wouldn't farm red changers and lose out on profit just to get 30k tec points after a full week and lose out of profit at the end of my gains.

    Since y'all bumped this threat ill give my opinion of this..
    I completely agree with less points given to higher levels for killing the same metin, but also we cant have level 90 metins that have 925,000 hp giving double the points of lv 105 metins that have 1,500,000 hp. Ymir I understand that it is possible for lv 90-100s to win the hunter ranking, but what are we comparing here, damage per hit or time played? I can guarantee you that the person killing level 105 metins has to farm for many more hours than the one killing lv 90 metins. Let's also take into account that a level 95-100 will need nearly end game gear to compete with a level 80-90 that has mediocre gear, which is why i suggested a third category for 95+ be added.