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  • Dear Metin2 SG Players,

    Another wonderful year has passed, and it's all thanks to you! We are incredibly grateful for your continued support, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate this special occasion with you. Here's what you can look forward to during our Anniversary Event:

    Event Details:

    Start: 29.09.2023 16:30 GMT

    End: 06.10.2023 16:30 GMT

    During this event, there will be a permanent 25% EXP-Bonus. Additionally, you'll have the chance to collect valuable items:

    1. Piece of Cake: You can obtain these by defeating Metin Stones.
    2. Anniversary Dungeon Chest: Some Dungeon Bosses will drop these special chests for you to unlock.

    You can use the collected Pieces of Cake to craft the Anniversary Chest, which contains fantastic surprises!

    Inside the Anniversary Chest, you have a chance to obtain an Anniversary Wheel Token.

    And here's the exciting part: You might also find Anniversary Wheel Tokens directly from the Anniversary Dungeon Chest, with an even higher probability!

    Please be aware that during the Anniversary Event, all previously scheduled events are canceled.

    We genuinely appreciate your support and dedication, and we hope this Anniversary Event makes you feel as special as you make us feel every day. Let's celebrate together and make this event one to remember, as we look forward to celebrating with you and embarking on the journey of the next 14 years together!

    Kind Regards the Metin2 SG Team