PATCH NOTE 06/09/2023

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present todays patchnotes of 06/09/2023

    • Lowered the Damage output of the 3 Magic Type Bosses in Zodiac to be more similar to the other dungeons as magic is harder to block
    • Added the Chaos Metin System
    • Added Chaos Metin Crafting
    • Added Chaos Metin Shards
    • Added Chaos Bosses.
    • Adjusted Zodiac Chests
    • Adjusted some Ticket crafting recipes. [Arachnids Key, Ochao Pass, Stone of the Dryads, Zodiac Ticket]
    • Adjusted Crafting Prices of Golden Changer, Golden Adder, Gold Rare Changer
    • Improved "Royal Anubis" drop
    • Improved "King Spider" (Baroness Run) drop
    • Added September Battlepass
    • Added Level 120 Ancient Metins to the Metin Spawn Event

    Kind Regards