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    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present our Zodiac Content Update of January 27/01/2023

    • Improved the overall Stacking of items. Generally items should now stack by default if they are the same and are obtained from chests, item mall, offline shops or similar.
    • Improved Icon for Fire&Ice Ticket and Ship Defense Ticket
    • Adjusted an error which made the "Mighty Chicken Wing" and the "Corn on a dagger" wearable by the wrong classes
    • Added Crafting Recipes to the "Master" NPC to upgrade Green Changers into Red Changers and Red Changers into Blue Changers

    Zodiac Content Update

    • Added 12 New Zodiac Dungeons. 7 Dungeons drop the 7 various weapons, 4 Drop the 4 various armours and 1 drops increased amounts of changers, upp items and has a slightly increased chance to obtain the new Elemental Bloom
    • Added new Zodiac Weapons for each Class
    • Added new Zodiac Armours for each Class
    • Added New Upgrade Items for the new Zodiac equipment.
    • Added the new "Elemental Bloom" and "Zodiac Diamond" which is a combination of the Blacksmith's Diamond, Master Compass and the Elemental Bloom increasing your success chance by 10% and removing the chance to downgrade.
    • Added a ton of new Monsters which appear inside the Dungeons
    • Added a ton of new Bosses which will appear inside the Dungeons
    • Added new NPC "Monk Milbon" which spawns after completing the 40th Floor of the Dungeon and allows you to craft various Zodiac Related things.
    • Added new NPC "Zodiac Merchant" which has a 5% Chance to spawn after completing the 40th Floor of the Dungeon and will trade various items for a potentially rotating pool of items. Everytime you encounter the NPC he will sell the same Items, however, we might occassionally change what he is selling (Which requires reboots, so it wont suddenly happen.)
    • Added a new Zodiac Sash chest which drops all 48 Variations of the Zodiac Sashes (Basic, Fine, Noble, Custom of each of the 12 Sashes) sold by the Zodiac Merchant
    • Added a new Pet Chest which drops various perma pets sold by the Zodiac Merchant.

    Sidenotes for the Zodiac Dungeon;

    1. Mages "Blessing Spell" is capped to 50% inside the Dungeon
    2. Block & Dodge are reduced to 33% effectiveness, meaning if you cap your block/dodge at 60% inside the dungeon you have 20%.
    3. Each dungeon drops a different piece of equipment or increased amounts of changers/upgrade items, a list of who drops what can be found below.
    4. The Merchant only spawns at a 5% Chance
    5. Monk Milbon and the Chest spawn at a 100% Chance
    6. The Dungeon is fairly hard to do and is intended to be done with Ancient gear+9 and a group of atleast 5 People. It has a solo Option, the likelyhood of succeeding the solo version without perfect Zodiac Gear+9 is however extremely unlikely. You have been warned, we will not refund tickets if you try it regardless.
    7. The Dungeon has no Cooldown, which is intended.
    8. The Dungeon can be entered once Level 105 is achieved