im leaving

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  • hi all

    after having had the bad experience of using 300 blue changers to search for at least 35 avg and having received only 30 scarce I decided to abandon this server, I have played a lot but since the players are scarce and the prices have dropped by 50 %.

    this server deserves but there would be updates on what to do, some news on farming, some more events,(rather take inspiration from other famous servers) it seems to me to relive the same things every week, after a while it becomes boring and monotonous, for which I would like to thank everyone and greet him staff.

    Hello to all.:thumbsup:

  • You can suggest events in the Suggestions section of the forum as well as whatever else you might want suggested, the staff takes everything into consideration.

    Luck is luck, usually best to look at the market and trade for it, there's ppl trading good items for changers instead of gold

    the market is the market, there was an influx of players who have been farming a lot and have a tendency to undercut in ridiculous way also a change to the drop rate formula which may or not have raised the overall amount of drops people get caused prices to go down, anyways there's always ways to make gold no matter the state of the market