PATCH NOTE 02/11/2020

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  • Dear Players,

    here are the Patch notes of today, 02/11/2020

    • Soulstone drop from Lv 70 Metins and Eternal Metins in Dt 7th and 11th floor removed, as they could have been farmed infinitely.
    • Soulstone drop from Lv 60 Metins inside Dragon Room removed, since they could have been farmed infinitely and abused.
    • All mounts and Mountskins are now roughly the same speed, most mounts had to be made faster for that change.
    • The Icons on the Sidebar were increased and now more visually pleasing to the eye.
    • Moved the Private Message "Letters" a little bit to the left and a bit down so they wont cover the Sidebar or clock anymore

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team