[EVENT] Metin Spawn

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    Metin Spawn Event takes place on Sahara Desert Map!

    When the Event starts, use the Teleporter to travel to Sahara Desert and search the Metin Stones you want to destroy, which will be scattered along the entire Map.

    The Event will be divided in 2 Channels:

    • Channel 1: Metin Stones Level 5-70
      • Metin of Sorrow
      • Metin of Combat
      • Metin of Battle
      • Metin of Greed
      • Metin of Black
      • Metin of Darkness
      • Metin of Jealousy
      • Metin of Soul
      • Metin of Shadow
      • Metin of Thoughness
      • Metin of Devil
      • Metin of Fall
      • Metin of Death
      • Metin of Murder
    • Channel 3: Metin Stones Level 75-105
      • Metin of Wind Devil
      • Metin of Devil Eyes
      • Metin of Fighting Dragon
      • Metin of Lighning Cloud
      • Metin of Gloom
      • Metin of Ember
      • Metin of Vanity
      • Metin of Wrath
      • Metin of Calamity
      • Metin of Malice
      • Metin Arboreal Creatures
      • Metin Of The Forest

    The Event will have a duration of 1 hour with 3 different spawns!

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