[SYSTEM] Ignore

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  • Dear players,

    with today's maintenance we add the Ignore System to completely ignore player's requests, implemented on 13/12/2015.

    As shown in the screen you need to open the whisper of that player and click on block. The player will be removed from your friend list (in case he is there) and added to the ignore list. You can delete the names from the ignore list in the same way you delete them from your friend list, select the name and click on the delete icon.

    A player on the ignore list won't be able to:

    • Write you on PM
    • Trade you
    • See your equipment
    • Send a party invitation
    • Send a friend request

    You can also use this system to block anyone that spams you with requests.

    In the near future we will upgrade this system to ignore the normal chat of the ignored player as well.

    Harasment rule is slightly changed with this new system on board. We will no longer ban players who harass another by sending PMs, since now you can block just that specific players forever.

    We will however punish any player who work around the system by creating new accounts or using alt characters.


    Metin2 SG Team.