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    I understand your point of view but it actually makes sense if you are trying to keep the server up; It does cost quite a lot to maintain a server, so we can't just give away the same amount of Tec Points if the company actually receive half as much (Less received money equals to less earnings, and that means that we eventually won't be able to keep the server up anymore).

    That said, we understand the player's point of view and we are always open to suggestions, that's why we raised the amount after you guys told us and we are constantly looking for the best payment options with the lowest fees, in order to make everyone happy.

    As for PayPal, we are currently working on it, I can't say when but it should come back in the near future. In the meantime I suggest you credit cards as a quick and good alternative.

    To actually fix the Tec Points issue we should've done something like 1 EUR = 100 points and of course change all the mall item's cost but unfortunately we have always used a way more complex system that is not user friendly at all and is almost impossible to change now.

    Dear Players,

    As you probably notice, the forum looks different! 8|

    We upgraded the forum and changed the forum theme. This theme is responsive and will work perfectly with your mobile devices!

    Keep in mind that this is only a transitory theme and we will move to a new and MUCH better one soon! :thumbsup:

    Thank you!

    Metin2 SG Team

    Sorry but the server is changing ever more negative

    Your message is off-topic because this change has nothing to do with the server and these changes actually help people who want to buy Tec Points.

    If you want to suggest some change or let us know that you don't like something about the game, feel free to create a new thread under the right section or just send us a ticket/mail.

    Thank you.

    Dear Community,

    today we have made some changes to our Buy Tec Points because we have removed some payment methods to simplify the top-up experience for our users.

    This is the list of the changes:

    • SPONSORPAY: increased TPs given by about 30%. This is to push you to do them daily. We believe that this way to get absolutely FREE Tec Points is not used enough by our community.
    • PAYMENTWALL: we have deleted a lot of useless payment methods that paymentwall supports but you never use, so that you can actually see these you are interested in. The PaymentWall widget will also show up immediately in the Buy Tec Points page now.
    • ALLOPASS. it has been deleted because it had bigger fees than these of Paymentwall, and therefore you would get less TPs for the same money.
    • SUPERREWARDS. Deleted for the same reason as Allopass.
    • PAYSAFECARD: TPs given have been decreased by about 15%. Unfortunately due to PSC fees we are forced to this. If you constantly use PSC, we advise you to use PayPal instead, so that you get the normal amount of TPs.

    We are also working on a bitcoin-based payment system. Please let us have feedback if you'd care about i!

    As a last tip, please note that the best way to get Tec Points, at the moment, is PayPal.
    It has the less fees and therefore you can get the most TPs out of your money.
    It is also the safest payment method.
    Please also remember that Paypal supports credit card payments and you don't need a PayPal account to use it.

    Thank you,
    [GA]Dulaan, Metin2 SG Team

    Ok there's something weird in your chrome but you can safely fix it by going in this page:

    It will ask you to accept a SSL certificate, you need to accept it, you should then see a blank page with only a "Whoops" text.

    Then go back to and everything should be working properly

    Ok that's good.

    From chrome, please right click on the page and click on "inspect", which should be the last option, then go on the console tab and send me a screenshot. There should be a lot of red stuff.


    Please try to clear your caches.

    You can also try, once you are on the page, to press ctrl+f5 to refresh clearing the caches.

    If this doesn't work, you should open cmd (command line prompt) and send this command:
    ipconfig /flushdns


    Dear players,

    another year is ending soon and we decided to gather as many informations as we can, so that we can a recap of what happened in Metin2:

    Game counters in 2015:

    • Players who logged in 2015 have, in total, 481.006.383.607 golds;
    • 57 game reboots for maintenance / new updates;
    • 3.471.609 Characters deaths by Monsters;
    • 775.362 Characters deaths;
    • 91.102 newly created Accounts.

    Supports requests created in 2015 only:

    Security and tech in 2015:

    • 57 high-profile DDoS received, 379 low-profile DoS/DDoS received;
    • 6763 IPs permanently banned from our firewalls for trying to use exploits;
    • 8.021.274 Website views;
    • 48.338,73 GB of bandwith used.
    • Website downtime out of the entire year: 2 hours ( 0,022% downtime - 99,978% uptime)
    • Game downtime out of the entire year (counting our maintenance too) : 23 hours and 16 minutes ( 0,26% downtime - 99,74% uptime)

    We hope that you will enjoy the game with us on 2016 even more than you did on 2015.

    Dear Players,

    hereby a little guide regarding the Belt System, that was implemented on 13/02/2014

    Once equipped the Belt provides a default bonus (based on the type) and a number of slots from 1 to 16 based on the type and the plus of the item.
    You can fill these slots with every kind of potions and also with grade one and two alchemy potions.

    To create a belt go to Yu-Hwan and select the Potion recipe. Yu-Hwan can craft Belt from level 50 to 97.

    The refined ore can stack like the blessing scroll. The refine of the belts can fail.

    You won't need guide for the Alchemy potions!

    The belts from level 100 to 103 are crafted by Jae-Seon Kim on the Cape map. Even in this case, the refine can fail.

    You can upgrade a Belt to +9 like a normal item, however you can't add bonus.

    Thank you,
    The Tec Interactive Team.

    Dear Players,

    hereby some informations about the new dungeon, the Red Dragon Castle, implemented on 13/02/2014.

    The Dungeon Entrance is in the Infernal Flame Land

    Every players from level 100 and above can enter. A party of at least two players is required. The NPC at the entrance will give a free Hell Passage once, the other times you will need a Passage Ticket. Every monster in the area is Fire Type. Fire resistance lower the damage. They don't have any weakness.

    Once inside head to the Castle Gate and activate the Timer.

    You have 1 hour of time to complete the dungeon and after you start it, whether you fail or success, the party will have a 30 minutes cooldown before attempting again.

    Every trials is blocked by a lock

    From the Castle Gate you can remove the first lock and start the first trial.

    There are a total of 6 trials, they are always the same but their order is never the same. Whenever you end one trial, you can start the next at the Castle Gate.

    #1 Trial

    Just like the 5th Floor of the Demon Tower, there are 8 seals and every monsters in the area has a chance to drop the unlock key. However, you must remove the pillars in the correct order. If you mistake the key will disappear. Team working and good memory are necessary.

    #2 Trial

    Just like the 8th Floor of the Demon Tower, there is 1 seal called Hell Gate. Every monsters in the area has a chance to drop the Hell Gear. Use it on the Hell Gate to end the trial. However the Hell Gears dropped may not be the real ones.

    #3 Trial

    Kill the monster Ultra Agni.

    #4 Trial

    Break the Metin of the Red Dragon.

    #5 and #6 Trial:

    • You will have to obliterate any monsters in both trials.

    Once every trial is done you may procede to the Boss Room using the Castle Gate.

    Kill Yamachon the Flame Lord to end the dungeon.


    • Along with other drops, Yamachon may drop the rare Flame Keystone used to create the new Spiritual Stones

    Kind Regards,
    The Tec Interactive Team.

    Nemere's Watchtower is a Dungeon located in the northen part of the Mountain Map, implemented on 2014. Similiar to the Red Dragon Castle,

    You must complete 9 tasks in less then 60 minutes before you can face the Boss.

    Please Note:

    • Only level 90+ can attempt this challenge.
    • You need a party and only the party leader can trigger the run.
    • In case of disconnection you have 300 seconds of time to re-enter in the dungeon and reunite with the rest of the group.
    • The monsters deals Ice Damage and they don't have any weakness.

    #1 Floor

    The party Leader must trigger the run using the Ice Lion. Kill all the monsters and advance to the next floor.

    #2 Floor

    Find the correct Ice Key.

    #3 Floor

    Kill all monsters.

    #4 Floor

    Kill all monsters.

    #Floor 5

    The floor will have 6 Artic Cubes. You must find the correct Polar Star and use it to open the correct Artic Cube. Once all 6 cubes are unlocked the party will advance to the next floor.

    #Floor 6

    Kill all the initial monsters. A Metin of Cold will spawn, guarded by a second wave of monsters.

    #Floor 7

    Kill all Monsters

    #Floor 8

    Find the correct Ice Flower Key.

    #Floor 9

    Destroy the Column of the North

    #Floor 10

    Defeat Nemere the Ice Lord.

    Thank you,
    Metin2 SG Team.

    The New Shop Colors was implemented on 23/01/2015

    Have you ever purchased several items of the same kind at a cheap price and realised later that one of them had a different price?

    Have you ever regretted your lack of attention on counting the Zeros on a price tag?

    Well, we prepared something that should help you with it:

    We still advice you all to take your time before buying something but these colors should be useful smile.png

    Metin2 SG Team

    The Power Mount System was implemented on 13/05/2014 and allows you to train your mount and replace your horse with it.

    You can obtain your mount by dragging a certificate of the animal over the Stable Boy NPC

    Most of the certificates are dropped from every metins in the game, while Dragor and Chocobo are craftable at the Master NPC only, these two mounts have increased stats in case of an Attack Value roll.
    The Mounts will start at Young level, you can use them at any level but they can't attack and they do not provide any bonus.
    You can upgrade them with a Scroll of Evolution to turn them into Wild Mount

    Wild Mount requires level 35 to be used and level 11 horse to attack with them

    Wild Mounts will also provide one bonus out of 5 possible bonus which will raise further if you turn it into their final form, the Valiant, by using a Scroll of Mutation.

    Please Note:

    • Valiant mounts requires level 50 to be used and level 21 horse to use the horse skills.
    • Both scrolls are dropped by Moonlights Box or events, and they have a 85% success rate
    • If you drag a horse medal over the seal, the lifespan of the mount will be increased by 1 hour. You can do this process as much as you want without any limits of use or time.
    • If the times run out the mount will disappear forever.


    • You can summon your mount with the hot key X, the mount will fill the mount slot and it will be as faster than the horse.