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    i like drop same rat in erbus and ochahoo bro thats good but shadowe say never erbus drop moonstone him owener 100% him things that and dont want add so we have one more way we have thats in market all game online have zero in 100 in market thats market must have and bro u can read this

    rembers how meny hh att mi becus i have moon ??? [CHANGE] Ochao Run

    ye lets make one of the Rarest items a itemshop/mall item, if we are at it add perfect mythic dss for 100k tp as well ? so you play for 3 days buy 1kkk tp and just get insta gear+9...

    uh what about perfect lvl 75 weapons with 60 avg 12 str/int/dex 20 devil 10crit for 200k tp ? :dash:

    so bro if this faill u not buy +9 item?

    beeter we have both ,maill and 4chanels ochahoo /we can have moon drop in erbus too thats boos miss drop moon Stone also we need metins 120 115 110 in enchant forest too u can cheks 100+players in web first page how meny 110 120 100 lvl players and how meny metin in 5min for thats if spalet all players thats lvl eath player can berek only 1 metin in 3h :))

    but sg teams so nice worked thats update sash super skills rar changers and meybe 120 maps soon all nice worke Spishal thanx for thats


    Thats not one eggs monsters, that happens because you do not kill the monsters and try to tank all at once.

    Every 45 Seconds it spawns another 45 Monsters, regardless of the fact that you killed them or not.

    I PRimis u thats one egg mob u can chek never one hit to other egg all 1 egg gm

    wee are allerdy ez bereks egg when egg coom 1/7 blood spawen thats mob

    no any can tank this mobs u chek photo all map mob and all spawen last 1/7 hp off egg !!!!

    This is simply ridiculous.

    If only one kills the egg and the other the moobs, it's still impossible.

    Wasted tickets, wasted time. I only went inside once. I hope this gets fixed soon.


    meybe shadowe or tary coom and teset which normall items idk this normall all update if new have same problam hope fix too