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    Good evening!

    I would suggest a few things for the sv season

    1) Raise the drop for glyph stones or make them dropable for lvl 80+ (the drop is crap)

    2) add moonlight event soon or add rank at myria fighter, there are many players who cant find zen beans for skills

    3) raise the drop of bio quest upgrades

    4) raise more the drop of certificates (for mount 300 ap)

    5) maybe low level bosses should have a better respawn ( I swear that i didnt see any boss and its hard enough to farm without pendants, we need them for metins/dc run)

    6) raise the drop of bravery capes( at least for the moment ) many of us spent a lot of odins to buy capes for v2, and the drop is crap .

    being a seasonal server these things listed above should be present :D

    Dear Players,

    Hereby i want to present the Patch notes of todays Patch, 07/10/2021.

    • Improved the drop rate of Green Adder/Changer from Metins noticeably
    • Improved the drop rate of Red Adder/Changers from Metins moderately
    • Improved the drop rate of Blue Adder/Changer from Metins slightly
    • Improved the drop rate of Exorcism Scroll / Hermit's Advice from lower level Metins slightly
    • Improved the drop rate of Thief's Glove & Experience Ring from Metins moderately
    • Adjusted Meley Run rewards [Added new Item 'Mythic Cor Draconis EX' to the Chests]
    • Improved the drop of Jotun Thyrm [Temple of Ochao Final Boss]
    • Improved the drop of Cursed Chief Orc [Orc Maze Final Boss]
    • Added Anniversary Event Content [Inactive untill needed]
    • Added Partial Halloween Event Content [Inactive untill needed]
    • Fixed an issue with White lion having setbacks when running to fast
    • Reduced Hydra Ticket Cost
    • Fixed issues on the "Advanced Search" tab. There were settings put slightly incorrect which had to be adjusted in order to properly function

    You, guys, are the best!

    It is natural to hide your inventory in such types of duel since everybody has his own tips and tricks :D
    However to hide your hp and sp bar indicates you did something not allowed and are trying to hide it. (if you did not, do a reupload show them and i will apologize)
    You also were very careful enough to start the video right after this happened -->

    man..... if you recorded your duels better than Luxuria, why dont you post them?:dash: :dash: Upload your last budo :P

    Since the dungeon is Demon Tower, i propose to have only low level chars (beginners). Its too easy for high level players. It could be a nice decision to make this event (in this case) only for beginners. Probably my reply is not ok, but it`s just an idea :D.


    Let them cry to keep the amount of ss:) later they will quit cuz they won't have any s skill after 1month of farming(none will farm 5years without having fun doing pvp, it's just a suicide way for low level/pvm players). I can play with hits better than skills, for me this is perfect! Let them cry about "fresh blood in pvp/ks" and other subjects.

    maybe I'm wrong, but you didn't understand the message of this thread.

    Well, I have no idea what I can say on this subject. There are, however, people who act like good guys in this situation, but they are totally different on the game / by votes

    I don't understand how some people shout at players to do pvp as long as they don't want changes to the game. Some of them refuse to change the amount of soul stone, some of them refuse to nerf/delete gold crucian, some of them want to improve their character, some of them refuse to make Ochao for 4 channels (for HH members : I want you to calm down, it's not about me, it's about the fact that you don't accept new players).

    There are a lot of players who play around 8-10 hours a day without pvp armor, pvp shoes, or anything else.

    Through the previous votes, the staff listened to our voice, the fact that we do not want changes.

    If I will start a flame, I apologize to everyone, I didn't want that.

    Thank you very much for wasting your time reading these words :* !

    I think this poll is misunderstood by some players. If a hydra ticket will mean 50 soul stones, the price of these soul stones will increase enough, also the price of rarity ore will be increased as hell. In the end farmers will have much more gold :P

    This possible change wont affect gold/h (for farmers) (probably positive). Thanks for your time!

    Also the time before fight should be raised, i think 1min is the minimum necesary, unclickable pets sounds really nice.

    Now it is the time to talk about 5th point:

    - Probably a discount for dss releaser could be okay. If u wanna be the best, u should spent some gold, but ~16-17k (i really cant remember how much dss releaser costs) is too much for 1 budokan round. To be the best u need only 2 sapphires with resists (for example x2 sapphires with x3 resists (costs a lot, many of players dont have), but 32k tp invest is still too much for 1 battle)

    But you should. The normal skill damage should be higher for these class that don't relay on hits. Yet it isn't. Thats why their elemental damage is higher. The number of hits you can do before a round of skills is so high that the block chance is meaningless since the damage of a single hit is more than a skill.

    It is impossible to balance the pvp when the community is against any kind of nerfing so things will just stay as they are. The only thing that changes is what kind of booster are allowed in such events, which again is up to Tary to decide.

    You are right! Dagger sin is still the best for budokan (melee hero), also body warrior is strong enough! They have to learn how to play :)

    No offence, but if (for example) body warrior will have raised skills, they will be too unbalanced in raids. Let`s not forget that u can do ~ 7k/pierce+crit on ~ 50sword ~ 50% warrior resist

    How will be the same lmao?

    Players couldn't buy with tp and it will be same as spirit blessing 80%, a rare and expensive item, much more expensive probably if staff add it to the mall.

    Many times I searched for spirit blessing 80% for several days and not a single pm.

    And you still need 2 moonstone cause upgrading it with one with 20% of chance is a waste, and still you'll only have 30%, how many items/stones+6 do you succceded with 30% in your metin life compared with 50/60%/etc?

    10%,20% and 30% rate of success for lvl 115 armours is ok, keep in mind u will have the best armour. It`s normal to fail more than lvl 70 armour, the single problem is with moonstones for the new players who wanna do pvp. I really wanna see many more pvp players and atm they cant be stronger with aqua armour or quilin shoes. I think is normal to spend ~ 100-150w for 1 armour, but as u can see u cant find moonstones in shops or if u find them u must pay 30-40w per each. This is the main problem, u have not chances to up your items cause u havent moonstones. There are many players with level between 100-115, maybe even 120 who havent 1 armour/oceanic shoes.

    The success chance is too low. At least on mythics u can fail 500w in less than 2 mins and u cant even craft 1 highclass dss. Ofc, mythic dss is "end game", but even legendary dss has too low chance. In april-may I made so many superclass dss with a decent rate of success, but now, from ~ 60 minor diamonds i could't craft even 1 clean superclass. We have a good rate for make low class dss, but for highclass and superclass i cant say the same thing. Also, a good change can be a higher rate to craft mythic combining legendary dss. Ty for your time :D


    Yesterday I discovered that I miss a lot of items from extra inventory. After I used the teleport I could see many free spaces on extra inventory, I used teleport for Erebus/Hell Run and I lost many tickets for them. Also yesterday I activated 5 odin's rings and I still havent tps.


    Ingame name: iHanzo / Harith