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  • EmyEmy

    In my mind, in my head This is where we all came from The dreams we have, the love we share This is what we're waiting for

  • EmyEmy

    Pingu Pingu :)

  • MakavelY


  • Pingu


  • [GM]Elspeth

    You get a random Event twice a day and a big seasonal Event instead.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Because the scheduled events are not taking place during the Halloween Event.

  • MaiAnh

    Why there was no Moonlight boxes event ?

  • PaliPali

    go play omg

  • EmyEmy

    Not bad, did not play metin for 5 days bi

  • EmyEmy


  • Gzanu

    mobile payment it`s avaible ?

  • Pingu


  • Hiumi

    Only with white lion

  • ShadowBlade

    HeyHo @everyone is it possible to fight from a mount under level 35 ?

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    I cant log to the game, someone else is having the same problem right now?

  • Gzanu

    hey yo, it`s about to open a new serve r?

  • PrincePersia

    shadow on?

  • EmyEmy

    Please Shadow add halloween items on mall i want my costumes and hats

  • EmyEmy

    no halloween stuffs on mall yet?

  • PrincePersia

    no fix?

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    and think to that people who just finish their equipment ,now they lose yang for no scope

    but ye its easy to talk when u dont lose yang and time to build that equipment

    or maybe u finish all pvm/pvp equipment or everything what u wanted to do on this server

    or u just come and give hate to people who affect this change


    are u complaining for items which cant cost more than 50 (exaggerating)? Now, imagine how much gold i spent in all my eq for own pvm king and get the tittle and hold it for almost 3 years and now, after this "35% extra damage for sins and mage", i wont be able to compite against their any more at pvm king ... so all my effort, all the gold i spent, all the time i spent for farm and make eq is useless AND U RE CRYING FOR 50 WON MAX? i spent in all my eq 1k-2k won and i m not crying so accept it and start to look for another ways for make gold.

    The difference of races is what makes good this game and also because their are differents races, it's obvious, they will have differents skills which gives advantages and disadvantage in the game, thats how Webzen made the game. So now, if u re giving this plus for "balance" the game, give to warrior and suras critical, blessing and reflect skill as well. With this 35% extra damage, Mages and Sin will make the same the damage as a warrior or sura ... so why the hell a warrior has aos and a sura has blade? u re ridiculing this skills and making it useless with this 35% for mage a sin. now a dragon mage will have the damage of warrior with aos/sura with blade PLUS CRITICAL, BLESSING AND REFLECTION ...

    And again, if u wanna say "we re making it for balance the game", so change the sword and 2 hand resistance of Mob and Bosses and se it like Bell, Fan, Bow and Dagger because u want to make the game "more balanced". Sin and Mages may not have aos/blade buy they already have extra damage against mob and most important Bosses (because the low resistance of their weapons) and now, with 35% extra, they will be so OP. So if u re warrior or sura and u wanna compite in poly against sin or mage, they will crash u because the 35% extra damage + low resistence of their weapon + ,in case of dragon mage, critical, blessing and reflection.

    if Webzen wanted to make "perfect balanced", all races will have the same skills and mobs and bosses will have the same resistance for all the weapons but thats not how the game is because all races MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BENEFITS, obviously.

    All races have his own benefits and u should keep it like that cuz with this, u re not balanced nothing, u re unbalacend the game.

    Edith: if u dont like ur race cuz u think u have disadvantages against other races, CHANGE UR RACE instead asking for more damage or more benefits. So now, Warrior and Suras can ask and ask and ask for special critical, blessing and reflection for our races because we dont find the game is balanced, is not fair mages can have skills with gives critical and blessing and warrior and suras not. Like is not fair, warrior can have aos and suras blade for extra damage and sin and mages not. And also, weapons of suras and warrior (Sword and 2 hand weapons) has the same range of attack value of Sin´s Bows because, again, is not fair they have weapons with more range of damage. So now we all can complain about the benefits or any race and ask for have the same ... are u looking how the ridiculous is sounds? exactly, thats all my point.

    because of time, the DM of september was in october and the pvm king event of october will be the last saturday 26th so, for logic, dungeon master will be the next day of pvm king (last weekend of month) which means sunday 27th so be ready guys cuz we need to set again the correct date inside the right month for it doesnt happened again like the last month.


    Tary this post need to be edit cuz it says "November Choice" and "Poll ends on Nov 30th 2019" when the next dungeon master is October´s DM.

    Happy to help :)