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    Write a properly detailed Suggestion in the Suggestion Forum section, LozilkSG. The Shoutbox isn't a good place to discuss such stuff :P

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    + Every chest/run would get an stabil value

  • LozilkSG

    I would appreciate a Dungeon system within the Dungeon Difficulty is set by the Amount of Player and the Difficulty Choosen Normal/Hard/mythic at the End every Participant gets a chest you would never have problems again to find people for runs

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    Aos Noob

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    whats after grizzly bear?

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    Server on

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    How long does the reboot last?

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    :crazy: :dash: :hi:

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    shut up

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    You cant ban me for that! I will spam harder

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    why this guy is not perm banned?

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    please ban this guy PalitaGoblin he spammed my wall

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    Good morning, have a good breakfast everyone

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    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

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    Open thread If you want

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    So Shadow, should I open a new thread again on the same topic? Since the topic is closed i couldn't say my opinion.

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    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

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    high lvls do not farm mats, they buy from market when they want something, materials farm is for low lvls

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    I close threads when they go off topic and when the answer is given

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    Okey i might rushed my answer a bit. Haven't try all of them yet but I will and I'll come back! So far, speerman a bit of the same, a bit lower dmg than before. The 2 for ice run, the hydra kinda mob very slow, the iceman pretty damn nice fast and ok dmg on nemere!

    Another pro I found about this update is on DC. Where I always wear my poly before the boss, and generally when you make a run on foot and you use poly at the very end. The fact that we can use aos and immidiately use poly makes it so damn faster to kill.

    Well its simple logic, the rewards from runs will go up probably. This might be a good chance for low lvl players to sell materials. I hate the fact that I might need to clean the dust from my low lvl farmer and bring him back to life meh... anyway so far all I know is that I'll lose a bit of profit on making polies, it was cheaper before, hopefully polies will worth the effort.

    Also please, add a timer so we can know when our poly will run out, it should be easy addition. I know it's 40mins for P poly but still, why not

    Thumbs up for the new NPC, the display of the stats, the appearance in shop search and the stamina bar removal and fixing the bugs.

    Thumbs down tho for the fact that we can't drop polies from the mobs anymore and that you put us to farm for ups to receive our most useful tool in runs. Also what the hell is going on with the material mounts per poly? That changes the whole economy of the game in just 24h. We needed max 10kk for the good ones and now the price for it went extremely high. How we suppose to make profit from the runs if the very poly costs more than the rewards? And don't tell me the rewards will raise up prices, cause there are some very good players that can manage runs without even poly. At least change the material mounts back to normal, we used to need 8 keepsakes+ and 8 gems+ for a speerman, now 4x more damn!

    Bring back the poly drop & change the prices of the polies in the npc a bit!


    1. The timer will not help much because when you enter dungeon it tells you how much time you have to complete the dungeon and also how much time left etc.

    It is a simple addition, sometimes we miss the lines from the system cause of our loot lines and we have to go up at the chatbox to check, that way with that timer we can easily see at any specific time.

    3. They already said in previous threads that this is not possible to rejoin, only option is to 'remake' the whole dungeon. Others already suggested this also.

    I'm suggesting a way that would be programmatically possible. Option of teleport to teammates only of a short period of time. The player won't have to do or type any command, just press the option that will appear on the npc if you get disconnected and will automatically teleport to his teamate (if they exist in the run, only then).

    6. You can always drop those easily...

    You just canceled my whole point of that small detail suggestion... INSTEAD of doing that, just erase the item from the game.

    7. Before teleport ring had more cooldown and It was reduced to 30 seconds, I think It is important to have this especially after trading or If someone scammed player they can't just teleport away! they need to wait for 30seconds so this time is quite useful. Also now we have Map Info on f5 where you can teleport to many places.

    That's stupid... You can't scam anyone, everything can be seen from logs you can't escape from a GM. I'm just pointing out the fact that it is annoying you have to wait more time for forgetting that a trade can affect the cd of tp.

    8. Not useful

    It has nothing to do with use. It works, it is just ugly, it's a graphical error, they need to make that "button" not be transparent.

    I have every right to make any suggestion I want and repeat whatever, if stuff or other players spend time to read my post that is up to them, I don't break any rule. It is hard to know if a suggestion has been mentioned again cause there are many posts around to check. But thanks for your feedback, waiting for gm's replies.

    Hello all and merry xmas, some random ideas and changes below:

    1. How about adding a timer that it pops up (under the server's clock) every time we get into a dungeon that has time limit like Hell, Ice run etc. It isn't that important cause game actually informs us from time to time and we can also use our wearables just to check how much time it took us or how much time we still have. It will just be a bit easier that way, to just know your time status with just checking under your mini-map, all in the same UI. The timer will stop after you kill the final boss and it will disappear after you leave the dungeon. Also, I'm pretty sure that would be an easy addition (programmatically).
    2. I would love to see these items be able to be stacked: Blacksmith's Diamond, Polymorph Marbles (with the same name of course), dragon earrings - tiger earrings - dragon bracelet (with full time only like gloves, exp rings), love bracelets with full time.
    3. It is very nice that some runs gives you the opportunity to get in again after an unexpected disconnect or crash of your client. It would be nice to have the same feature in DT as well. This would work only if there is still someone inside, there will be something like option at the NPC and would have an open period of like 2-5mins. Something like be able to TP to one of your teamates by clicking that option. This could work only if you have created a team and one of your other teamates is still inside. DT is pretty laggy and sometimes it makes you disconnect for no reason so this might help the waste of time.
    4. Sometimes, when we take our buffers with us or the characters we want to exp, they die from aggro mobs and we forget to revive them to their current position so they leave the dungeon or changing map or getting pretty far from us and that ruins the whole experience & run. How about a checkbox next to the "Restart here" option. If it is checked that means after 10 seconds pass the character will automatically revive at its position automatically. So we don't have to worry about the above problem.
    5. Add polymorph marbles titles to the market so we can look for specific ones with f6. It is pretty annoying that every marble has its own title but you can only look for them with the phrase "Polymorph Marble" and have to scroll down to the good ones instead of just go straight to what you want.
    6. Erase all the food horse items (Hay, Carrots, red Ginseng). I can't understand their purpose in the game while horse has always 100% energy and not only that but almost all use mounts and not horses. It just fills inventory slots for no reason while we farming. If I'm missing something on their purpose of existence let me know.
    7. I get having a cooldown for teleport ring (30 seconds) but I can't get why we can't immediately teleport after a trade or opening a shop. It is annoying that the cooldown resets and you have to wait for extra 30seconds. Keep a 30seconds cooldown for sure but make trades not affect this.
    8. And finally a fix suggestion. Make the pop up arrow at the left side of the inventory, the one that opens the belt inventory be able to be below other boxes. For example if you move your friend's list box above it or every other UI box, you can still see it.

    Thanks for your time!

    Not possible cause this map also shares the pvp tournament area(Budokan). GM Shadow said he will add some non-pvp areas close to water for that reason.

    From our guild, the RedDragons we wishing you all Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year! Our wish is a better year than this one, with more hours of fun and joy. Be close to your loved ones and keep in mind that there is nothing more important than human relationships, love and health! This game brought us closer and made us make new friends, below is the very example:

    Merry Christmas everyone, great job and really nice events coming up! Quick question. The pass for the Xmas map lasts 14 days. We can use it unlimited times during these 14days once it is made?