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    It was something that surprised me, the fact of Valley not being really full.

    Mostly considering changers sell like hot bread, and sometimes you drop a soul stone. Rarity ore and selling stones to NPCs was my easy cash, though.

    Not much chitchat in chat, that's what is somewhat depressing.

    Shop search works, and people will still put ridiculous prices. I think the new server could use some twinkering with the rarity system and the stones (+6 is quite op and makes you able to solo stuff), maybe limiting soul stones when level 35. Let me find the poll and I will participate.

    Lets do runs, my friend. And be pacient with my bugs.

    veleciraptor, problem is you think a 35 farmer should farm 75 metins, u don't need op items to farm, u just can farm easy, get money and lvl up ,only equipment which should be almost perfect should be equip for runs. Investing stones+6 in low lvl items is a bit too much, armors lvl 34/42 even 48/54/61 don't need stones+6 neither a rib, if u waste money to make an expensive rib or armor it's your own fault.

    The problem is not him thinking that, the problem is people doing weapons and armors with +6 stones and a lot of avg to farm quicker.

    This, sadly, is very much true. It begs to deepen the argument as well. Even if you are selling those books to the pot lady, or the stones, is a poor revenue considering the ammount of yang you need in order to have a lasting equipment (which is the base of the problem in metin2, how hard is to have good equipment), to answer that, they added green changers, and rarity... which added to the problem of needing a level 34 armor with mystic bonus avg and a really good level 30 with lots of average damage and +6 stones.

    There is no way for it to get resolved if there is already tons of farmers with extra +6 weapons and armors with rarity and all that fuzz, only a nerf, that could be "your stones in your weapon/armor are limited by the level of the item" (or character level).

    The leveled drop is a really good way to keep them leveling up, but still they can't compete with a 35 extra doped farmer.

    EDIT: There's a need for a clearer meta game and a thriving market in order to motivate the player to make gold in another way that isn't green changers, generating the need of items other than green changers balances the price of them (expectative of gain), and generates another income, which shouldn't be exploitable, nor the need depletable.

    Well, I didn't knew this and my boxes now are gone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    We have removed several quests and moved the rewards to the main ones. Also the main quests have different rewards, binded to avoid exploits, that help develope the characters. These changes are from level 1 to level 60 quest, but we intend to do the same for higher ones too. To balance, we raised the experience rate to compensate the lack of experience from the removed quests. Fixed night mode

    But I pretty much like this a lot.

    EDIT2: At least this helps for the value of the boxes and either will improve their value, or more people will be able to farm them, so. :thumbsup:

    Sorry for necroing, Shadow , but which one affects alchemy? I'd like to make my own alchemy and still it isn't clear to me.

    Farming Spider Eyes in desert - my favourite places. The marked spots in the map show the dominant type of drop, either spider eyes or spider web, but they both drop.

    In about 2 hours, with a 2 hours glove and a lv 25 character (i like to use body warrior) the shop will look like this :

    Here it is, for if you miss it somehow. You should really read and have pinned Vyenna's guide, it's useful for all, being new or an old player.


    I just came back so I'm rusty but I'd like to have some fun, even if we fail. I got 54% of crit and blessing and leadership g2, also poly in perfect, so maybe if you run out of buffers I can help.

    I have a light mage that needs leveling so I will be joining every plagued there is, either for buffing or only for exp, I can cure with that one, and make some damage. I won't be asking for any reward with the lightning mage, only exp. I can bring liutaos and stuff.

    I'm Lyetta (dragon) and Asusora (light) in blue kingdom. If I'm not online you can search me in Discord as "Lyetta".

    Being a buffer myself, I lost the interest in playing due the fact of my partner in runs leaving and having a different schedule. So, we have to fix the way rewards are being given and have some kind of organization to find runs.

    The ideal thing would be to have splitted rewards from the beginning, so you don't have to worry about doing a run with a person you don't know and not having any reward. Usually I bring the polys so I can compensate the money invested in the runs, but still the ammount of things I can do as a buffer is quite limited and thats a fair excuse for the damage dealers to not split any rewards.

    I made a post a while ago with my suggestions on dungeons, let me find it.

    Until m6 is really easy to get progress without hermits, because they ask few books in order to advance, but for going further you should get hermits in order to not get stuck. If you get stuck earlier, consider using some hermits. As the limit for every character is using 50 green hermits only, you should consider to use those green hermits on the first skill, as those books are more expensive, this would garantee to get from m3 to g1 with no problem.

    If you wanna share hermits between skills, which also is a good thing, you could try to read 25 books without green hermits in each skill, and then using those 50 to speed the process in each skill. Each skill should be m7 with 3 books left to be exact... You split those green hermits as you want.