Summer Event 2022

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    Dear Players,

    Summer has arrived and with it our special Summer event !

    What's better than some ice cream and melon to combat the heat?!

    We are waiting for you in game to find out together!

    Also waiting for you in game there are new Battlepass quests for the summer event, which will grant you itemshop cosmetics!

    The Event will start Saturday 15:00 GMT+0 and will last 7 days!

    Game Events

    During the event you will be able to drop Watermelon Slices from Metin Stones and Summer Dungeon Chests from some Dungeon Bosses.

    You can use Watermelon and Ice cream cones in what will be your best friend these days! the Summer Koala!

    Summer Dungeon Chests are dropped from the following Dungeon Bosses:

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team